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Record Label by Scruscru
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Long & Sleepless Nights (Flute mix) - (6:09) 126 BPM
Long & Sleepless Nights (Sweet Fruity Brunch remix) - (6:19) 126 BPM
Long & Sleepless Nights (club mix) - (6:19) 124 BPM
14 Apr 23
Deep House
from $1.90
Fugazi - (6:02) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Right Vibe - (6:36) 127 BPM
Review: Only the second release here from Scruscru sub-label Scruniversal. At the controls is Latvia's Will Sonic, whose work has previously appeared on the likes of Late Night Jackin', Sundries, Gents & Dandy's and Moodyhouse, and who now serves up two more prime slices of deep house goodness for your dancing pleasure. 'Fugazi' is a late-night kinda cut with a pleasing garage-y bump that makes it the pick for this reviewer, but the accompanying 'Right Vibe' is no slouch either, with a hypnotic warping vocal and the kind of delicate keys that mean it wouldn't sound out of place on Madhouse.
17 Mar 23
Deep House
from $1.90
Scruniversal Tunes 002
Street Choice - "Still On Is MF Record" - (6:13) 126 BPM
Scruscru - "Long & Sleepless Nights" (Flute mix) - (6:09) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Juravlove - "Boys & Girls" - (5:56) 127 BPM
Nephews - "Polo Blanco" - (5:25) 125 BPM
Review: An EP featuring four different artists from the relatively new label from DJ and producer Anton Bogomolov aka Scruscru (SlothBoogie Jamz/Omena), although it has to be said its individuality and freshness are increasingly upping its profile as each new released drops. Russian duo Street Choice open up this time round, getting the swears in in a matter of seconds (and throughout) but lifting us into orbit with 'Still On Is MF Record', a gloriously sweat soaked collision of house, disco and US garage. Evidently feeling a bit more mellow, Scruscru himself offers up a Flute mix of 'Long & Sleepless Nights', evoking jazzier French house scenesters like Etienne de Crecy or St Germain. Juravlove's 'Boys & Girls' ups the tempo again and the mood with it, a cure acid line sneaking in behind more organic instrumentation. The more reflective Nephews' 'Polo Blanco' brings things to a warm, more snuggly close, ultimately leaving us with an EP that has heaps of variety and quality in equal measures.
SCRU 002
24 Feb 23
Deep House
from $1.90
Astrafunk - (3:33) 118 BPM
Make It Real - (4:31) 116 BPM
Red Red Black - (5:16) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: For the latest release on his Scruniversal label, ScruScru has turned to friend and fellow Russian deep house and nu-disco producer I Gemin. The sometime SlothBoogie contributor has delivered a tidy and tasteful three-tracker just oozing with class. Check first 'Astrafunk',a warming 188 BPM loop jam that peppers a rolling, jazz-flecked house beat with boogie bass, kaleidoscopic synth doodles, warming chords and spacey motifs, before admiring the early St Germain style jazz-house classiness of 'Make It Real'. To round off a rock-solid EP, he lays down a suitably trippy, woozy and surprisingly loose-limbed chunk of dusty loop-house whose restless electric piano motifs and rumbling bassline are undeniably addictive.
10 Feb 23
Deep House
from $1.90
Scruniversal Tunes 001
Scruscru & BR Selecta - "Feel This Lov" - (6:00) 130 BPM
Replika - "Hot Shapes" - (5:24) 114 BPM
Sweet Fruity Brunch - "Basement Vibe" - (5:43) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Meowsn - "S" - (4:39) 118 BPM
Review: A fresh label from Russian DJ/producer Anton Bogomolov aka Scruscru (SlothBoogie Jamz/Omena) with his friends on board for four DJ friendly tools for your pleasure. Inaugurating Scruniversal we have the label boss himself in collaboration with BR Selecta on the late-night mood music of 'Feel This Lov' followed by the deep and dusty poolside vibe of Replika's 'Hot Shapes' that's just perfect for the sunset. Then there's the boompty bounce of Sweet Fruity Brunch's 'Basement Vibe' followed by the glassy-eyed and bittersweet 'S' by Meowsn.
SCRU 001
05 Aug 22
Deep House
from $1.90
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