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Sensate Focus 2.5
22 Oct 12
X - (9:27) Biggest-selling track on this release
Y - (10:42)
from $1.93
Review: Mark Fell's Sensate Focus project has been responsible for some seriously exquisite pieces of techno since its first release back in January. Each record has delivered a wide spectrum of sounds, ranging from bizarre drone excursions to more bass-driven rhythms but never ceasing to inject its primary 4/4 elements. "X" is a stunning journey into tribal space drums and meandering, UK-flavoured percussion - an undeniable spawn of the London-Berlin connection. Over to side B, "Y" is another remarkable groove, one which fuses the remnants of UK jungle together with chopped up garage vocals and sporadic synth melodies, all wrapped up into a broken beat arrangement; making 2.5 a fine addition to this already impressive catalogue. Big!
Sensate Focus 3 3
27 Aug 12
X - (13:03)
Y - (12:20) Biggest-selling track on this release
from $1.93
Review: Mark Fell's Sensate Focus reaches its third release, and goes even further than before to break house music down into its constituent parts. If you've heard Fell's recent album Sentielle Objectif Actualite you'll know what to expect - hyper-processed digital synths combining with rapid-fire rhythms; "X" is the more explicitly undancable of the two, combining threadbare Aphex Twin style rhythmic cut-ups across thin, vaguely familiar chords, while "Y" is the more conventional of the two, employing a looping yet soulful vocal, but still maintaining the experimental edge that makes this project so compelling
Sensate Focus 10
16 Apr 12
Deep House
X - (10:08) Biggest-selling track on this release
Y - (10:00)
from $1.93
Played by: Bantam Lions
Review: While trawling the Internet for information on this mystery deep house release, we found very little (aside from the fact that early copies came with a free pencil). We do now know, however, that "sensate focusing" is "a set of sexual exercises for couples". It's perhaps fitting, because both of the tracks here are unashamedly loved up and sensual. "X" bubbles and fizzes with anticipation, turning expectant vocal stabs, dreamy chords and Detroitian percussion into an 11-minute slab of intoxicating deep house beauty. "Y" repeats the trick, throwing in a basket-full of old skool house influences for good measure. In summary: sensual.
Sensate Focus 2
15 Apr 13
X - (11:11)
Y - (10:44)
from $1.93
Review: Appearing with increasing and ever-satisfying regularity on the far reaches of the electronic music radar, Mark Fell's Sensate Focus project returns for the cryptically numbered Sensate Focus 2, marking the fifth release in the series for his eponymous label. The rules (if you can call them that) are much the same, plotting algorhythmic malfunctions through neon soul and finely diced percussion that snaps and whips with dexterity. However on first impressions much of the rhythmic irregularity that has made mixing earlier instalments a daunting task has been preserved for the lopsided vocal triggering, while the core groove itself comes on more tangible, at least for significant chunks of the roaming sides of this record.
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