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Smoking Blunts (Pushloop remix) - (3:43) 140 BPM
Review: It has been a seriously long while since we saw dubstep in such a strong position, with an incredible selection of newcomers making their way to the forefront and a number of the old guard continuing to up the levels. This latest single drop from the team at Sentry sees three powerhouses in Abstrakt Sonance, Substance and Pushloop come together for a grimey roller on an official 'Smoking Blunts' remix. Pushloop gives this one a seriously gritty edge, using stunning horn stabs and warbling metallic bass stabs in a perfect call and response motion. This one will most certainly be lighting up dances up and down the country.
SEND 001
13 Mar 20
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Dreader Than Dread - (5:08) 140 BPM
Howl - (4:53) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Mentha, Alert
Review: One of New Zealand's most outstanding dubstep producers Akcept has the honour to follow up heavyweights DBridge and Nomine on Youngsta's very own Sentry Records. The Tempa-affiliated legend established his record label earlier this year and is dedicated to present nothing but the finest content spanning across from different genres and styles he truly loves. Nevertheless this next and third instalment, due to release on the 6th of October 2017, holds down two brilliant 140 bpm clashers once again. Both "Dreader Than Dread", a rather dub influenced single, as well as "Howl" which covers the lower end, are a legitimate and respectable nod to the soundsystem culture.
SEN 003
06 Oct 17
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Orders - (4:12) 105 BPM
Boylan, Slimzee & U.S.F - "The Mould" - (4:41) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Tik&Borrow
Review: The run of form we have found Sentry to be on over the past few months has been pretty astonishing, with their consistency levels hitting an all time high. They return here for a fantastic collaboration EP, kicking off with Boylan & Logos linking up for a sizzling sub-heavy roller entitled 'Orders', jam packed with lethal snare pumps and a steadily progressing LFO line that just breathes energy. The party expands on the next track as Slimzee & U.S.F join Boylan for the high energy drum expanses and rattling bass tones of 'The Mould'. These two tracks work perfectly as a pairing and fit precisely into the sound that Sentry have been pushing!
SEN 014
03 Jul 20
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Gutter Riddim - (3:30) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hot Head - (3:43) 140 BPM
Review: The stars have aligned on this one: Youngsta's impeccable Sentry imprint has meant the business since it launched last year with dBridge and it's got hotter ever since. Now battered and bruised by two Caspa workouts, the message is even louder. "Gutter Riddim" is a powerful groaner with warped bass and slight trap elements in the rolling drums while "Hot Head" plays with our senses with a vicious angular drop that suddenly explodes into the wobble fest of your (wet) dreams. Stinking.
SEN 004
23 Feb 18
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Eagle Eye - (3:46) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Old Scratch - (4:17) 140 BPM
Played by: NAZA, Tik&Borrow
Review: For us, this is without a doubt one of the hardest 140 two track drops we have seen on the platform this year as the team at Sentry unveil an eastern inspired work of brilliance from North London's Cimm. We kick off with Eagle Eye, which takes vibrant, organic eastern style string melodies and layers them demonically with gritty bass notation with incredible affect. We are also gifted 'Old Scratch', which switches the motive to a more dubwise arrangement, without losing that eastern melodic tint. This one brings out more typical dub elements such as super wavy delayed chord progressions, lazers and crunchy drum creations.
SEN 007
26 Oct 18
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Cimm - "Star Jump" - (4:45) 62 BPM
Cimm - "The Corner" (feat Rider Shafique) - (4:21) 106 BPM
Cimm - "Unknown Caller!!" - (4:31) 85 BPM
Cimm & Youngsta - "Hear That?" (feat Riko Dan) - (2:36) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Cimm - "Supreme Skank" - (4:40) 140 BPM
Cimm - "I Am Jack Travis" - (3:29) 55 BPM
Cimm - "Blue Sapphire" - (4:05) 140 BPM
Cimm - "Stressin'" (feat SGT Pokes) - (3:55) 105 BPM
Cimm - "Just Break, Your Mind" - (4:02) 140 BPM
Cimm & Youngsta - "Disconnected" (feat Animai) - (4:11) 140 BPM
Cimm - "Tosh Dub" - (3:47) 140 BPM
Cimm & Mr K - "Stout Dub" - (4:14) 140 BPM
Cimm - "A Lasting Spirit" - (4:41) 57 BPM
Review: When we heard the news that Cimm had an album on the way, we could barely contain our excitement. When we then learnt it was to be featured on Sentry, our expectations tripled, and boy does Cimm deliver! The project takes the name 'Unknown Caller!!' and is a perfect embodiment of what today's deep dubstep scene represents, from the irresistible sub pressures of 'The Corner' alongside Rider Shafique to eastern-dub hybrids of 'Blue Sapphire' and lower tempo bass quakes of 'I Am Jack Travis'. The collaborations are fruitful on this one, as Cimm also invites Youngsta, Mr K, SGT Pokes, Riko Dan and Animai to take part in what is undoubtedly one of the strongest dubstep projects of the year.
SEN 012
06 Dec 19
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Endo - (3:39) 140 BPM
Grape Lime Ricky - (4:33) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Endless Sky - (4:16) 146 BPM
Space Queen - (3:20) 150 BPM
Played by: Tik&Borrow
Review: It's been a brief minute since we heard from the forward thinking Cimm, with his recent LP drop being one of our recent steppers highlights. This latest four tracker continues in the same reign of form, with 'Endo' providing us with a haunted yet wonderfully wonky introduction, packed with creepy percussive inputs and grizzly electronic leads. Next, Cimm shows his elegance with sampling as 'Grape Lime Ricky' gives us a more mellow dive into the dubstep depths, followed by the dungeon ready delay designs of 'Endless Sky' and dubwise influenced compositional structure of 'Space Queen' to round off the release with real finesse. Amazing work.
SEN 015
14 Aug 20
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Sunday On Spaceship - (4:07) 140 BPM
Down By Law - (3:41) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Prepare to be thwacked with some serious expressive dubstep heat on this one as the futuristic groovemeister known as Dayzero teams up with Sentry for an awesome two track drop. We begin our journey on this one by sallying into 'Sunday On Spaceship', which as you can imagine from its title is a trippy dubstep expanse, alternating between colourful glitch-like arpeggiators and a bag of other super creative sounds, creating the perfect balance between madness and creativity. On the flip we land on 'Down By Law', another scattered embrace between the weird and wonderful, led by Asian-inspired string plucks and unpredictable bass splutters. Fire!
SEN 008
21 Dec 18
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Skull Witch (original mix) - (4:41) 140 BPM
SEND 002
17 Jul 20
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Fashion Dread - (6:00) 140 BPM
Digital Dread - (5:11) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Alert, Cloaka
Review: Have a word... Youngsta's launched a brand new vinyl-only label and DBridge launches it. Need we say more? Both "Fashion Dread" and "Digital Dread" are Darren White at his darkest and most stately - elephantine production, moody and misty and ultimately soaked in beautifully warm bass, both cuts have been doing the rounds on dubs for almost two years and have been in demand since Youngsta debuted them. Simply massive.
SEN 001
20 Jan 17
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Decolonize - (4:32) 140 BPM
Global - (6:27) 141 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Kastle
SEN 006
03 Aug 18
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Dip Dip Potato Chip - (4:08) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Illa - (3:28) 140 BPM
Review: Recovering from the damage caused by Caspa's "Gutter Riddim" earlier this year, Youngsta's Sentry returns with a rightfully-hyped newcomer Gramz. Following a strong range of flips and self-releases, here we find the UK talent in full vinyl mode with two ridiculously on-point 140 jams. "Dip Dip Potato Chip" is every bit as tasty and filling as it sounds. Trippy, slurring and woozier than a disgraced celeb, this one sucks you right in and doesn't even bother to chew you up; it just swallows you whole. "Illa" takes the freakiness to even more refreshingly vital levels with its pitched ghetto vocals and drill-like snares. As with all previous Sentry releases, this is nothing short of essential.
SEN 005
20 Apr 18
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Raising The Dead - (5:35) 140 BPM
NT - (4:37) 140 BPM
Shout Me - (5:02) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Noughties Riddim - (3:56) 140 BPM
Played by: Tik&Borrow
Review: We see here another for fantastic drop from Icicle, a name who has been synonymous with well produced bass music over the last few years, be that in the drum & bass sphere or on a slower, more stripped back flex. We begin the with a title track 'Raising The Dead', which combines a selection of demonic synth movements with grizzly sub textures below and shuffling hats. This is followed by the intensely metallic drum designs and ascending bleeping melodies of 'NT', before the stompy bass growls and subtle breakbeat inflections of 'Shout Me' take ahold. When then finish off on a more relaxed tip as the crunchy yet spacey tones of 'Noughties Riddim' close the EP off perfectly. Very slick stuff!
SEN 009
22 Mar 19
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Stomp - (4:35) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Slip - (4:53) 140 BPM
Played by: Spooky Bizzle
Review: Tempa regular Nomine has pretty much taken over on the old dubstep front these days and, in our eyes (and ears), he's the man still truly pushing the buttons when it comes to dark, meditative bass sketches for those sub-bass junkies. "Stomp" and "Slip" land on the young Sentry imprint; the former, as the name implies, is a slow, minimalistic bass bullet with a single-minded beat that bangs away with utter disregard for any notion of 4/4, whereas the latter twists the bass hert into a wilder, more wobbly sort of framework for the heads - watch out for dem melodies circling the airwaves too!
SEN 002
23 Jun 17
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Vintage - (5:47) 135 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Slugfest - (5:44) 134 BPM
Review: Now most of us will know of SP:MC for his heavy hitting work within the dubstep scene, always providing either a crispy new vocal assist or punchy original piece of production in the 140 zone. However we here see him expand into a more garage sounding area as we leap into this fantastic new project, courtesy of Sentry. We kick off with the smooth percussive pressures and groovy rhythmic twists of 'Vintage', which packs a serious punch. On the flipside we are given 'Slugfest', another tasty helping of crunchy drum designs and more organic sounding percussive twists.
SEN 011
09 Aug 19
UK Garage
from $1.49
Shaolin - (3:42) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Feedback - (5:31) 140 BPM
Played by: Tik&Borrow
Review: What a time it is for dubstep, with a number of legends making reappearances, it was only a matter of time before two of the founding fathers of the sound returned to where they belong. We have to give massive props to Sentry who unveil this brand new two tracker from The Others, kicking off with the neurotic bass rolls and unpredictable drum designs of 'Shaolin'. On the flip side, we are tuned into more production magic as the super techy sound design of 'Feedback' emerges, dripping in electronic magnificence and unique themes. We couldn't be happier to see The Others back in business.
SEN 010
05 Jul 19
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Onhell - "Sun Ra" - (3:25) 116 BPM
Taso - "Air'd Out" - (4:27) 130 BPM
Argo - "Since Then" - (3:44) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Abstrakt Sonance & Substance - "Smoking Blunts" - (4:55) 140 BPM
207 - "Gipsy Dub" - (5:01) 140 BPM
Dayzero - "Crocodile" - (4:35) 140 BPM
Caspa - "Anyone Else" - (3:14) 140 BPM
ColtCuts & Ourman - "Into The Unknown" - (5:02) 140 BPM
Khiva - "Teeth" - (4:11) 140 BPM
Truth - "Simulation Theory" - (4:38) 140 BPM
LSN - "Confined" - (4:13) 140 BPM
Mr.K - "R U Broken" - (5:41) 140 BPM
Opus - "Lime Pickle" - (3:43) 140 BPM
Bukez Finezt - "Benz" - (5:08) 140 BPM
Sukh Knight - "Modulate" - (3:50) 140 BPM
Leftlow - "Boxed" - (5:10) 140 BPM
Thanom - "Tumble It" - (3:46) 140 BPM
A:Grade & Feonix - "Skipping And Tripping" - (4:09) 140 BPM
Nomine - "Judas" - (4:37) 140 BPM
Youngsta & Cimm - "The Last Judgement" - (4:08) 85 BPM
Played by: Kismat
Review: Sentry Records has put together some serious releases over the last few years, showcasing the latest and greatest in dubstep and its surrounding genres. We are therefore introduced to and absolutely storming compilation here as we reel off bangers from the likes of dubstep legends such as Caspa, Truth, Sukh Knight, Youngsta and more. For us, the highlights of this incredible compilation are quite clear, kicking off with the stunning production of 'Judas' from Nomine, who brings forward his uniquely metallic sound design on mass. Another absolute heater we couldn't forget is the spooky yet satisfying 'Crocodile' from Dayzero, packed with wicked drum flavours and haunted overtones.
14 Jun 19
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Cimm - "Glider" - (5:25) 57 BPM
LSN - "Shotta Kush" - (4:15) 139 BPM
Saraphim - "The Fallen" - (5:12) 140 BPM
CITY1 - "Tupa" - (4:10) 140 BPM
Kali & Senncoria - "Dragon Shape" - (4:11) 140 BPM
Muttley - "Magpie" - (4:16) 140 BPM
Substance & Youngsta - "Nug" - (3:44) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Arkham Sound - "So Jaded" - (3:26) 138 BPM
Karnage - "Magitek" - (3:43) 140 BPM
Confusious - "Octane" - (3:51) 140 BPM
Rednote - "Albion" - (5:34) 128 BPM
Saltus - "Genesis" - (4:16) 140 BPM
Review: The thing we have come to love about the Sentry Records selections over the past few years is that no matter what direction they decide to take it, we just know they are going to deliver quality with whatever they do. This second edition of their 'Syndicate' series is a perfect example of that as they unleash twelve potent dubstep originals, with the likes of Muttley, CITY1, Youngsta, Substance, CIMM and more all getting involved with some pretty incredible work. The project gives us a fabulous listing of the pure expansive nature of dubstep's sound in today's setting, with a couple of favourites including the constantly evolving, eastern-inspired sounds of Saraphim on 'The Fallen', alongside the reecey rumbles of 'Shotta Kush', which sees the super consistent LSN at it once again.
11 Dec 20
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Progress (original mix) - (4:16) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Youngsta - "Progress" (instrumental) - (4:18) 140 BPM
Played by: Unearthed Sounds
Review: Sentry have been a serious killer streak of late and this latest collaboration if most certainly a product of that. We see the legendary Youngsta link up with the rapid fire flows of Killa P and Long Range for a certified smash, taking the title 'Progress'. The link up is a match made in heaven, as Killa P and Long Range let loose a destructive display of rapid fire flows and rhythmic switch ups over the lethal reesey textures of Youngsta's flawless production. This one also comes complete with Youngsta's fantastic instrumental version, which despite the brilliance of the lead vocal, most certainly stands up as an instrumental project.
SEN 013
24 Apr 20
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49


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