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Spring Ireland

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Atomic Jam
Review: Replicants is an alias for the long-established producer Tim Hannigan, and Jam follows the excellent I Like The Way You Crunch release from earlier this year. On "Atomic Jam (Whip It edit)" Hannigan channels the spirits of Kraftwerk and Hashim to create a track that is both starkly futuristic but also cheekily subversive in its sampling. On "HeartwreckR_", and the 'version' alternative, he opts for a similarly collage-like approach; atmospheric late 70s synths and vocoder vocals swirl over a gurgling bass and rolling 808s. He follows this with the bleaker, bass-heavy "2DogsFunkin", which wraps up another fine Replicants release.
SLI 10619
14 Jun 19
from $1.89
Swimsuit - (7:20) 136 BPM
SLI 10909
11 Jun 09
Uplifting Trance
from $1.89
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