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The North Quarter

Norf Freestyle (Explicit) - (4:12) 92 BPM
NQ 011NF
03 Sep 19
Hip Hop/R&B
from $1.49
P.Y.E. - (2:40) 120 BPM
Textures (feat HMD) - (3:51) 100 BPM
What You See - (4:08) 108 BPM
Coming Home - (4:07) 125 BPM
Lean - (3:20) 96 BPM
Live & Learn (feat DRS) - (3:12) 107 BPM
Norf Freestyle - (4:12) 92 BPM
Say You Don't - (2:08) 90 BPM
No Love (feat Fox) - (4:00) 125 BPM
Girls - (4:04) 121 BPM
Origami - (3:12) 130 BPM
Like I Do - (3:33) 119 BPM
Gino - (3:13) 82 BPM
L8 Nights In Barbados - (4:35) 134 BPM
All I Need (feat Misha B) - (4:11) 85 BPM
NQ 011
06 Sep 19
Hip Hop/R&B
from $1.49
Earth & Mars - (5:43) 174 BPM
NQ 009IG
29 Jan 19
Drum And Bass
from $1.04
Vitalogy - (5:03) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Earth & Mars - (5:43) 174 BPM
Nothing Makes Sense - (5:55) 174 BPM
Escaping Dreams - (5:15) 174 BPM
Forever Last Out - (5:41) 58 BPM
Back On Days - (5:15) 174 BPM
Amore Of All - (7:48) 189 BPM
Review: The North Quarter has rapidly become the premier destination for 170 sonics which tickle the soul as much as the eardrums, music which aims to speak on a more substantial creative level than most. Lenzman has now brought in Anile for the next chapter in that journey and boy, it's a stunner, 7 tracks of carefully considered, deft music which rolls out with a tangible sense of wistfulness. 'Earth & Mars' is a perfect example, a deliciously deep track that swirls in the low ends and soothes in the high ends, each second gorgeously precise but also noticeable carefree. There are acid vibes, summer vibes and winter vibes; lots of highs and lots of lows. It's a journey in itself and we absolutely love it.
NQ 009
22 Feb 19
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Don't Wake The Babies (Lenzman remix) - (5:30) 174 BPM
NQ 015S 2
24 Apr 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Still Standing (Lenzman remix) - (5:14) 174 BPM
Played by: Loz Contreras
Review: Oh boy, The North Quarter label is back in action and they mean business as usual with this Lenzman remix of "Still Standing" by Children Of Zeus. Remember Jenna G and her beautiful liquid strain of drum & bass back in the mid 2000s? Well, this tune is of that disposition, and we've been missing this kind of contemporary jungle form our charts. The breaks are fast, dusty but gentle at the same time, and DRS' lyrics float ever so well with the percussion and bass, but it's their fusion with Children Of Zeus' singing that really pleases us. A deep and cerebral d&b bombshell.
24 Aug 16
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Presidential (feat Jazz T) - (0:57) 66 BPM
Always Something (feat Fox) - (5:17) 172 BPM
Only You - (7:36) 180 BPM
Ice Cream - (5:40) 172 BPM
Wrapped Together (Interlude) - (2:00) 195 BPM
Lost Without - (5:37) 172 BPM
Baby Blue (feat Lenzman) - (4:59) 172 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
It Could Be Now (Interlude) - (1:39) 134 BPM
This Is Now - (5:18) 172 BPM
Always Something (instrumental) - (5:17) 172 BPM
Ice Cream (instrumental) - (5:40) 172 BPM
NQ 004
13 Oct 17
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Deadly Styles - (5:33) 172 BPM
NQ 010DS
28 May 19
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Ribs (feat Issac Rosie & Maverick Soul) - (6:22) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Ribs (Interlude) - (1:17) 82 BPM
Ice Cream (Byron The Aquarius remix) - (5:39) 124 BPM
Played by: Jimpster
Review: Three varied cuts here from FD, a house producer with roots in London's jungle and garage scenes. 'Ribs' (feat Issac Rosie & Maverick Soul) is a very noq-sounding affair with insistent shakers, shimmering synths, barely-there party vox that drift in and out of the mix and a neat Rhodes-like piano line. 'Ribs (Interlude)' then drops the pace for 1:18 of downtempo ambience, before the Byron The Aquarius Mix of 'Ice Cream' blends shuffling deep house beats and soulful vox in a way that harks back to UKG's earliest days, its title perhaps a tribute to the seminal label of the same name?
14 Jun 19
Deep House
from $1.49
99 Flake (Intro) - (1:51) 140 BPM
Foundations - (4:58) 172 BPM
Top2Bottom (Roller) - (6:42) 172 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Knots - (4:22) 191 BPM
Sycamore (feat Cecily) - (6:03) 172 BPM
Not That Bad - (5:22) 172 BPM
Left You Once Before (Prelude) - (1:34) 160 BPM
Left You Once Before - (4:27) 180 BPM
Deadly Styles - (5:33) 172 BPM
Better Man (feat Fox) - (5:24) 57 BPM
Got A Feeling - (5:22) 172 BPM
Ribs (Prelude) - (1:17) 165 BPM
Ribs (feat Issac Rosie & Maverick Soul) - (6:22) 186 BPM
2's & 5's - (6:59) 172 BPM
Bottles (Prelude) - (1:27) 170 BPM
Bottles - (5:44) 172 BPM
Review: Every time you see a release that's forthcoming under the moniker of The North Quarter, you know it's going to be very, very good. Label honcho Lenzman doesn't take prisoners with his A&R skills and he definitely doesn't do so when it comes to FD's debut album, not that FD needs much oversight in order to be an outstanding producer. Better Days is thus unsurprisingly amazing. 16 songs in length, including preludes, FD takes you on a journey through hip-hop influences, jungle vibrancy and full-on D&B that'll leave you quivering with excitement. 'Better Man' featuring Fox is arguably the stand-out, with serene jazz elements blending into Fox-led funk and bouncing bass stabs. Unreal.
NQ 010
07 Jun 19
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Lie To You (feat Akemi Fox) - (4:16) 172 BPM
The Feeling (feat KinKai) - (4:26) 172 BPM
Dedication (Roller Pt 2) - (5:48) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
This Is Not Science (original mix) - (4:47) 171 BPM
The Creatures From Planet 9 (original mix) - (5:25) 172 BPM
Lie To You (instrumental) - (5:01) 172 BPM
Review: Freddie Dixon AKA FD has been doing his thing across a variety of labels for some time now, but it's in the last couple of years, and under the tuterage of Lenzman's The North Quarter, that he's really begun to shine. Lanta Nights is a couple cuts of gorgeous liquid and then three bassy, naughty rollers that smash of dub and soundsystem culture. It's a potent blend, and Akemi Fox is especially fantastic on 'Lie To You', a lounging, hip-hop endeavour that rolls out with the nonchalance it deserves. It's a superb EP and capped off with The North Quarter's typically well-refined aesthetic. Fantastic.
NQ 016
19 Jun 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Lie To You (original mix) - (4:16) 172 BPM
22 May 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
FD feat Fox
Always Something - (5:17) 172 BPM
Review: Ahead of his full EP release on Lenzman's North Quarter, dedicated craftsman FD teases us with this beautiful piano-stroking soul shaker "Always Something". Laced with space, a wry touch of jazziness and groove; serious props go to Fox who provides solid gold soul with his fully-sung chorus and conscious story on the verses. Stunning in its simplicity and straightforwardness, hypnotic in its allure - this is an amazing way to reveal the next chapter from The North Quarter. Blessy.
NQ 004AS
20 Sep 17
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
FD feat KinKai
The Feeling (feat KinKai) - (4:26) 172 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lie To You (feat Akemi Fox) - (4:16) 172 BPM
NQ 016TF
05 Jun 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
The NQ (intro feat DJ Rockid) - (1:22) 170 BPM
African Dream - (6:21) 174 BPM
Don't Let Go (feat Redeyes) - (6:01) 174 BPM
Down For Whatever - (5:19) 172 BPM
Grateful (feat DRS) - (4:48) 174 BPM
Lenzman - "Regular" (interlude) - (0:54) 176 BPM
So Alone - (4:53) 58 BPM
Children Of Zeus - "Still Standing" (feat DRS - Lenzman remix) - (5:14) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Grateful (instrumental) - (4:48) 174 BPM
Children Of Zeus - "Still Standing" (Lenzman instrumental remix) - (5:14) 174 BPM
Review: Leiden's Lenzman reps his Dutch section with a brand new label dedicated to the more soulful fringes of D&B and its rich hip-hop roots. Starting as he means to go on, the debut release weighs in at a hefty 10 tracks ranging from hurricane soul such as the beautiful vocal-flecked "Don't Let Go" and "Down For Whatever", restrained jazzy rolls ("Grateful") and potential tune of the year business with his own remix of Children Of Zeus's "Still Standing". With a cheeky serving of skits along the way, too, it's clear Lenzman is in his element right here.
NQ 001
23 Sep 16
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Chapter 2 (feat DJ Rockid) - (0:49) 174 BPM
Bayview - (5:21) 171 BPM
Walk On By - (5:19) 174 BPM
Tender Love (feat Steo) - (4:59) 172 BPM
In My Mind (feat IAMDDB) - (5:14) 174 BPM
Park Hill - (5:14) 173 BPM
Waves - (4:37) 172 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Tender Love (instrumental) - (4:59) 172 BPM
In My Mind (instrumental) - (5:14) 174 BPM
Played by: Loz Contreras
Review: Following the hugely successful launch last summer, Lenzman delivers another album-sized trove from his new brand The North Quarter. Once again he's in generous mode as eight tracks (including an intro skit and versions) flow like fine soul wine. From the silky dynamics of "In My Mind", where Manchester singer IAMDDB really flourishes with neo soul allure to the darker late night drive of the Jubei-featured "Park Hill" via the delicious smoky piano-lingering haze of the Steo-fronted "Tender Love", this is the sound of Lenzman in his element, relishing in his sound and vision at levels we've never seen before. The North Quarter is shaping up to be something really special.
NQ 002
17 Feb 17
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
In My Mind - (5:14) 174 BPM
Review: A cheeky teaser ahead of his second maxi-EP chapter from The North Quarter, Lenzman lays down another delicate soul sermon. "In My Mind" is a salubrious roller sprinkled with deft keys, pinned by a treacle-thick sub and coated with a velvet vocal that's delivered with a cool off-beat jazz-like way courtesy of Manchester's rising neo-soul star IAMDDB. Following in the spirit of his huge Children Of Zeus remix, it's yet another crisp, heart-warming original from the Dutch craftsman. Bring on the full EP.
17 Jan 17
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
In My Mind (Break remix) - (4:55) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
In My Mind (Break's Dubbed Out mix) - (4:34) 173 BPM
NQ 015S 1
17 Apr 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Lonely Night (Zero T vocal mix) - (5:09) 174 BPM
NQ 017LN
03 Jul 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Intro (feat Signs) - (1:25) 172 BPM
True Colours (feat SKS) - (4:10) 174 BPM
My Friend - (2:31) 170 BPM
In My Life - (5:27) 174 BPM
100 Porsches To The Stars (feat Hus Kingpin) - (1:46) 188 BPM
Keep On (feat GLXY) - (4:42) 174 BPM
In My Life (Refix) - (1:51) 176 BPM
We Were Kings (feat Lenzman) - (4:58) 170 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Outro - (1:27) 54 BPM
True Colours (feat SKS - instrumental) - (4:10) 174 BPM
Keep On (feat GLXY - instrumental) - (4:42) 174 BPM
We Were Kings (feat Lenzman - instrumental) - (4:58) 170 BPM
Review: Ol' Redeyes is back! Usually spotted fraternising and flexing on his own Vandal imprint, here Lenzman invites him to the North Quarter for the first artist-signed EP... And he doesn't disappoint. Once again it's an extended affair as the Toulouse talent weaves and glides us through the hip-hop/D&B conscious. From the smoky Cali-style "100 Porsches To The Stars" to the glistening strings and unhurried golden rolls of "We Were Kings" by way of overwhelmingly soulful "Keep On". Another genuine gem from Leiden.
NQ 003
28 Jul 17
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Fighting (Intro) - (2:28) 194 BPM
The Hurt (feat DRS) - (5:14) 173 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Toast (feat Milano Constantine) - (3:12) 170 BPM
True (Interlude) - (1:29) 67 BPM
Awaken - (5:26) 172 BPM
All Blues - (3:01) 180 BPM
Oooo Laaah (feat KinKai) - (3:52) 171 BPM
Late Night Jam (feat Tyler Daley) - (4:56) 172 BPM
Digital Diamonds (feat Juga-Naut) - (3:32) 164 BPM
Fool Of Me - (4:38) 170 BPM
Blessed (feat Abnormal Sleepz/HMD) - (3:22) 167 BPM
Back In My Soul (Encore) - (5:19) 172 BPM
Review: Toulouse D&B OG Julien Salvi returns to Lenzman's The North Quarter with his third album Broken Soul. An album rooted in heartache's slow recovery, it's his most personal and hard hitting long player to date, and also his most eclectic. Laced with poignant tones and textures throughout, tracks such as the DRS-led "The Hurts" and "Late Night Jam" with Tyler Daley really capture Redeyes soulful D&B foundations but there's more than enough space for hazy house steppers such as "All Blues" and a strong presence of hip-hop via cuts such as "Oooo Laaah" (with KinKai) and "Blessed" (with Abnormal Sleepz and HMD) that create the most honest and authentic picture Redeyes has painted to date. Another premium dispatch from TNQ.
NQ 008
28 Sep 18
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
The Unfinished Theory - (2:04) 146 BPM
Yesterdays - (4:22) 57 BPM
Fine Again - (5:42) 172 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Redeyes & FD - "Evergreen Dub" - (4:55) 172 BPM
Next To You - (4:16) 172 BPM
The Rhythm - (5:25) 172 BPM
Review: Toulouse soul man Julien Salvi returns to The North Quarter with another prize-fighting package of deep, authentic drum & bass. Opening with a smoky intro track that's more jazz than dancefloor, he slowly take us deeper and deeper down his D&B rabbit hole. Cuts like "Fine Again" and "Next To You" breeze with that sad poignant spacious feeling he's made his own in recent years while "Evergreen Dub" (with FD) reminds us of his darker rolling side and "The Rhythm" is a direct homage to the man like Marcus. Stunning through and through.
NQ 012
01 Nov 19
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
The Hurt - (5:14) 173 BPM
04 Sep 18
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
100 Porsches To The Stars - (1:46) 94 BPM
NQ 003PO
21 Jul 17
Hip Hop/R&B
from $1.49
Keep On - (4:42) 174 BPM
Review: Teasing us ahead of his major EP on Lenzman's North Quarter, Toulouse soul vandal Redeyes unleashes the soulfully charged "Keep On". Tagging up with GLXY and Tyler Daley, the result is a super smooth sensation that's coated in rich harmonies, soft melodic details and a heart-skipping groove that's given momentum by soul-stirring pianos. Instant summer classic... Bring on the full EP!
NQ 003KO
07 Jul 17
Drum And Bass
from $1.04
Supposed To Be - (5:24) 174 BPM
All My Life (feat Steo) - (5:42) 174 BPM
Coming Back - (4:35) 174 BPM
Modern Jah - (3:37) 63 BPM
Guna Guna (feat Dan Stezo) - (4:28) 174 BPM
Self Reflection - (5:33) 174 BPM
Drifted - (4:49) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Aadje (dub) - (4:40) 141 BPM
Don't Even Ask - (4:37) 174 BPM
Review: The North Quarter welcome another kindred spirit to the family; Satl. One of the most exciting newcomers to emerge since LSB, there's a soul and depth to his music that's won him friends like Digital and TNQ bossman Lenzman. This is his most comprehensive and revealing EP to date as he goes to town on the blank canvas with more shades than you might know him for; as well as the poignant ("Supposed To Be", "Coming Back") and the soulful ("All My Life") and the blissful ("Self Reflection") there's also some exciting variations in tempo ("Modern Jah" hits like a Dominic Martin record and "Aadje" is pure modern dub) and shades of Marcus-inspired techno in the mix ("Drifted")... Trust us, this man is just warming up and TNQ is the best place to give him freedom and encouragement to reach the next level.
NQ 013
13 Dec 19
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Hot Ish (feat SelfSays) - (2:48) 175 BPM
Don't Be So Cold - (4:28) 172 BPM
Whatchudo (feat Satl) - (4:06) 174 BPM
Drexel Street (Interlude) - (1:35) 59 BPM
Can't Get Over You (feat Lenzman) - (5:21) 172 BPM
Heartbreaker - (4:24) 172 BPM
Weather It Out (feat Steo) - (4:28) 172 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Whatchudo (feat Satl - instrumental) - (4:07) 174 BPM
Can't Get Over You (feat Lenzman - instrumental) - (5:26) 172 BPM
Weather It Out (instrumental) - (4:29) 172 BPM
Review: Lenzman's The North Quarter smashes it once again with another XXXL soul dispatch. This time Submorphics is at the controls. Best known for his work in SGN and Hospital, here he takes a deeper dive into the soulful sound across hip-hop ("Hot Ish"), dreamy early AI-style power liquid ("Don't Be So Cold") sensual hazy steppery ("Watchudo" with the one and only T.R.A.C) and all-out gutsy vocal gold ("Can't Get Over You" with Big Brooklyn Red and Lenz himself) Loaded with interludes and instrumentals, it's another ridiculously on-point collection from the hottest soulful D&B label in the game right now.
NQ 005
19 Jan 18
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Flash Meters (Intro - original mix) - (0:48) 131 BPM
Luminosity (original mix) - (4:39) 172 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Roseville Funk/Musique Nostalgique (Interlude - original mix) - (4:36) 172 BPM
Memories Of You (original mix) - (4:12) 172 BPM
12 & Woodward (original mix) - (1:59) 180 BPM
Daydreaming (feat Big Brooklyn Red - original mix) - (4:31) 172 BPM
The Prize/Golden Roots (feat T.R.A.C. - Interlude - original mix) - (4:44) 172 BPM
Faded Images (original mix) - (4:09) 172 BPM
Ithaca Blues (original mix) - (4:54) 172 BPM
Morning Alarms/Waverly Place (feat SelfSays - Interlude - original mix) - (2:26) 175 BPM
Find A Reason (feat Christina Tamayo - original mix) - (5:06) 185 BPM
Feel So Blue/Deep Sleeper (Interlude - original mix) - (5:27) 172 BPM
Return To The Source (original mix) - (4:43) 172 BPM
Hot Ish (feat SelfSays - Dabrye remix - bonus) - (3:02) 60 BPM
Played by: Calculon
Review: US-born, Netherlands-based soulful D&B nomad Greg Submorphics takes away to sunnier, more wholesome climes on this immaculate debut album. Gilded synths, hazy feels, stacks of woozy warmth, just the right balance of nostalgia; every cut ripples and flexes with a timeless liquid feel. The dusty horns on "Memories Of You", the velvet boogie, silky synths and syrupy dulcets of Big Brooklyn Red on "Daydreaming", the dreamy bounce of "Faded Images", the list goes on. As you'd expect from The North Quarter and Submorphics, everything about this album hits the spot. Close your eyes and think of better times...
NQ 014
20 Mar 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Whatchudo - (4:06) 174 BPM
Review: What a year it's been for Lenzman's North Quarter. Putting the extension back into extended player, every release has been a gold mine of drum & bass, hip-hop and soul. Following the label boss, FD and Redeyes comes LA's Submorphics with mate Satl flexing an equally shimmered shaker. Wavy jazz-tinged chords, woozy backing vocal licks, a loose, restrained drum arrangement and a killer flow from man of the moment T.R.A.C, it's yet another precision piece for TNQ... And, we suspect, is likely to lead to another full-strength EP imminently. We can't wait.
NQ 005S
15 Dec 17
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Albion Road - (4:44) 174 BPM
Review: The North Quarter have their first full label VA coming very soon and the third sampler preceeding the launch is here, featuring liquid giants Submorphics and Pola & Bryson on a collaborative tip, the result of which is 'Albion Road'. This tune is simply gorgeous, with fluttering drums that perfectly underpin its idyllic blend of atmospheric pads and tentative, caressing piano chords. It's a soulful number to say the least and presages a fantastic LP from the label.
NQ015S 3
01 May 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Innate Motion - (5:11) 174 BPM
Tremble (feat Nether) - (5:40) 174 BPM
Trick Of The Light - (5:36) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Gusts - (4:34) 170 BPM
NQ 007PT1
29 Jun 18
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Ascension (feat Race Banyon) - (3:47) 168 BPM
Brilliant Corners - (4:53) 174 BPM
Lift You Up (feat Steo) - (5:13) 174 BPM
Innate Motion - (5:11) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Alight - (3:15) 170 BPM
Impressions - (4:54) 174 BPM
Runaway (feat [K S R]) - (4:55) 174 BPM
Trick Of The Light - (5:36) 174 BPM
Back To You - (6:01) 174 BPM
Cold Hearts (feat Cleveland Watkiss) - (4:56) 170 BPM
In The Breeze (feat LSB) - (5:14) 174 BPM
Tremble (feat Nether) - (5:40) 174 BPM
Gusts - (4:34) 170 BPM
Played by: Hex
Review: The full set is finally here... Having teased us with the surprise guerrilla drop of EP1, Tokyo Prose presents the entire 13 track album Wild Grace. And it's every bit as beautiful, touching and textured as the hype as foretold. From the emotional chords and halftime slink of opener "Ascension" to the last brushed drum jazzy breeze and amen wheeze of the finale "Gusts" and all vibes in between, the New Zealand artist has excelled himself. Other highlights include the long awaited "Trick Of The Light", the smouldering soul of "Runaway", the heart breaking pianos of "Innate Motion", sunset shakedown of "In The Breeze" and so much more. Once again The North Quarter have smashed this out of the park.
NQ 007
20 Jul 18
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Azekel - "Don't Wake The Babies" (Lenzman remix) - (5:30) 174 BPM
Redeyes - "Lust" (original mix) - (4:49) 172 BPM
Echo Brown - "Show You" (original mix) - (4:53) 174 BPM
Atlantic Connection & Steo - "Night & Day" (original mix) - (4:51) 174 BPM
Tokyo Prose - "Rescue" (original mix) - (4:28) 174 BPM
Zero T & Steo - "Keep Falling" (original mix) - (4:28) 174 BPM
Kyrist - "Untrue" (original mix) - (4:55) 172 BPM
Lenzman - "In My Mind" (feat Iamddb - Break remix) - (4:55) 174 BPM
Total Science - "Killa" (original mix) - (4:30) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
LSB - "Destine" (original mix) - (6:26) 174 BPM
FD - "Your Touch" (original mix) - (6:06) 172 BPM
Satl - "Just Thinkin'" (original mix) - (4:37) 172 BPM
Anile - "U No Who U R" (original mix) - (4:53) 174 BPM
Submorphics & Pola & Bryson - "Albion Road" (original mix) - (4:44) 174 BPM
Review: Lenzman's imprint serves up its first V/A right here with Quarter To Quarter. Featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of FD, LSB, Total Science, Kyrist, Tokyo Prose, Break, Zero T and so many more, it's a full spectrum representation of the label that ranges from sublime, sun-kissed soul such as Redeyes' "Lust", Atlantic Connection and Steo's "Night & Day" to bouncy, vocal high-vibe affairs such as Break's remix of "In My Mind". Along the way expect stunning strident, cosmic hypnotic workouts (Tokyo Prose - "Rescue"), dubby dreamers (Kyrist - "Untrue") unlikely rudeboy slappers (Total Science - "Killa") and every other authentic, genuinely crafted D&B sound you associate with the label. Quarter To Quarter ... No half measures.
NQ 015
08 May 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Moments Fade (feat Steo) - (4:31) 174 BPM
Mango X MathMan - "Lonely Night" (feat Loah - Zero T vocal mix) - (5:09) 174 BPM
Elegy (original mix) - (4:35) 57 BPM
I Want More (original mix) - (4:30) 174 BPM
Clash (feat Myth) - (4:08) 172 BPM
NQ 017
17 Jul 20
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Dislocation - (1:45) 190 BPM
Tears (feat Colonel Red) - (5:19) 174 BPM
Sleuth - (4:54) 174 BPM
Pharaohs (feat Abnormal Sleepz) - (2:42) 174 BPM
Right Stuff (feat Need For Mirrors) - (5:00) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Let It Rain (feat DRS) - (4:53) 174 BPM
Feel The Need (feat Colonel Red) - (5:01) 66 BPM
Lazybones (feat Lenzman) - (5:15) 174 BPM
Tears (instrumental) - (5:18) 174 BPM
Let It Rain (instrumental) - (4:52) 174 BPM
Review: For this one, drum and bass revelations Zero T and Unitsouled join forces on a smooth, liquified composition entitled 'Baby Grand'. The guys at The North Quarter have struck gold with this one as luscious chords are dual wielded with precisely layered subs to form a perfect high energy harmony.
NQ 006
11 May 18
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Tears - (5:19) 174 BPM
NQ 006S
20 Apr 18
Drum And Bass
from $1.49


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