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Tasty Beats Vol 9
TF 51
24 Dec 15
Slugware - "Fast Scribble" - (3:55) 150 BPM
from $1.49
Played by: DUBRA, TOSSES
Party Breaks Vol 10
TF 54
12 Jul 16
Chudy - "So What?" (Remastered) - (4:00) 155 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Hot on the heels of Tru Thoughts' recent Tasty Beats compilation, the firmly party orientated label has rustled up a tenth instalment of their Party Breaks series. Now it's time to shake it up at every house party you can find this summer! Highlights include Bang N Mash's funky old skool Eric B mash-up "I Got Soul", Chudy's "So What?" which intertwines the Tom Tom Club and Destiny's Child to sizzling effect and finally DJ Clairvo who fuses big beat, ragga and vintage organ stabs on "Here Me Now All Massive". Boom!
Funk Machines
TF 26
20 May 13
DJ Axe - "Bush Tucker" - (3:40) 151 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Two of the nu-funk scene's leading lights go toe-to-toe on this sizzling six-tracker from Tru Funk's Polish party HQ. Axe goes deep on a less-is-more ethos; "Funky Jam" builds with confidence, holding the full House Of Pain rap back to the very last moment. "Bush Tucker" is deeper again with a warped wonk to the groove while "Totally Fried" ends Axe's trio with some very cool use of a talkbox and a well known numerical chant from J Kwon. Morlack, meanwhile, develops his electro boogie rep; "Happy Hip Hop" bubbles with a rich synth bassline, "Summer Lover" radiates sunshine vibes via the medium of slap bass and cheeky Vanilla Ice vocal stabs while "Suspicious" wouldn't have gone amiss on a Paula Abdul record. Unashamedly 80s. Unashamedly funky, too...
Tasty Beats Vol 3
TF 39
30 Jun 14
DiscObeta - "Dope Noise" - (5:28) 152 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Every now and then, in between artist EPs, Tru Funk knock out a mini compilation of bootlegs where the original artists get spliced together like Frankenstein's monsters of funk. Highlights of this five tracker include Tom Showtime's fusing of Khia's famously filthy My Neck, My Back with some of Snoops' Gangsta Luv on "Gangsta Lick", Phibe's totally eccentric party smasher "Dig My Bounce" (which mixes Missy Elliot with No Diggity) and Spox's electro funk monster "Roses" which beefs up Haywood's '80s classic of the same name.
Party Breaks Vol 2
TF 02
17 May 11
Boogie - "Ray's Paradise" - (5:40) 155 BPM
from $1.49
Review: A very classy set of instant party starters from the Tru Funk stable, with BMD getting wild with the Isley Brothers' classic "It's Your Thing". Warson & Chudy deliver some serious hip-hop wobble on "Find The Funk" and drop the Slim Shady beat over "Ghetto Bounce". The real gem, however, is Jayl Funk's "Funky Song" - riding a classic call/response soul sample over a rock solid nu-funk beat.
Nu Party Breaks Vol 1
TF 15
18 Jun 12
Sammy Senior - "Handle The Jandal" (free track) - (3:46) 155 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
from $1.49
Review: There's no-stopping the Tru Funk crew this year; be it booties or original funk cuts, the collective have been dishing out some fine styles of late. This compilation is the current zenith of their achievements; 10 fresh tracks from the likes of Chudy, Jayl Funk, DJ Axe, Dastardly Kuts, Warson, Sammy Senior and more. Low swung slo-mo ghetto is the flavour of the day with dashes of disco, funk, hip-hop and booty bass liberally splashed throughout. Highlights include Nynfus Corporation's ragga-bassline bomb "Weekend In Budapest" (featuring classic Freestylers lyrics if we're not mistaken) and Robinson Grooves' eighties-tastic slap-bass heavy "Bounce". If you've not yet joined the Tru Funk club, now's the time to sign up.
Nu Party Breaks Vol 9
TF 31
28 Oct 13
DJ Axe - "Freaky To The Funk" - (4:19) 151 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Nu-funk barons Tru Funk commission 15 brand new blends for your party pleasure. Calling up familiar friends and new faces alike, it's yet another reminder of the Polish imprint's clout. Highlights abound but be sure to digest the slap-bass fusion of Funkanomic's Marvin Gaye homage "One More Headache", Morlack's '80s synth smelting of Zhane's "Groove Thang" and Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman" and Roy Hoy / Unknown DJ's mindblowing cauldron of Fatboy Slim, James Brown and Public Enemy on "Xpress Your Big Stuff". Serious floor fire, Tru Funk always deliver.
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