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Jazz Biscuits
TF 35
03 Feb 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Jazz Biscuits - (3:37) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Short Mac - (3:28) 102 BPM
Let's Call This One Funky - (3:35) 103 BPM
Spaces & Places (feat Gift Of Gab & Lotek & Ash One) - (4:02) 95 BPM
from $1.89
Review: Of all the kinds of biscuits we've heard of, we must admit to being stumped by this latest species, "Jazz Biscuits". Luckily mash-up man Tom Showtime is on hand to elaborate (if not quite fully explain) with the title track's lazy funk beats and Bootsy Collins pon-spliff-icating on top. Big '70s drums get fused with hazy guitar licks and movie samples on "The Short Mac", "Let's Call This One Funky" is a hypnotic techno pop loop, whilst Showtime's more familiar formula of combining vintage electro-funk jams with hip-hop vocals, returns for closer "Spaces & Places".
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