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Not Everything Sucks
UNIA 0039
16 Jun 16
Deep Dubstep
from $1.96
Review: Music with a message: after a string of free releases, Czech dub warrior Kletis comes correct with his first official release and a kindly reminder that, even during these most cynical times, not everything is sucky. His music, for instance... From the church crumbling shudders and shakes of the title track to the fluffy emotional tones of "Clouds" to the out-and-out tech fissures of "Mayhem" there's not a negative word to be said. The only thing that sucks here is having to decide which track to drop first.
UNIA 0042
15 Sep 16
Deep Dubstep
from $1.96
Review: Planet-popping workouts from Bay Area beatcarver Resykle as he guides us around the known universe with co-pilot DValue. "Cosmos" neatly aligns the stars with gravity defying pads, skippy percussion and a sub that hums a beautiful shivering celestial harmony. "FutureTense" crash lands on a baron, unforgiving sphere where terrain is rugged and limited oxygen is sucked up through detuned synths like soup. Finally, "Fish" brings us back to our home planet with a slinkier rhythm arrangement and persistent, techno-like synth stabs. Ideal for halftime heads, grime guys and dubstep dudes alike.
UNIA 003
27 Jun 14
Deep Dubstep
Freedom - (5:02) 143 BPM
from $1.96
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