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Work It Out (Dave Lee Redemption mix) - (6:18) 118 BPM
ZEDD 12316
07 May 21
from $1.49
The Kinda Love (JKriv original Vibe remix) - (8:04) 120 BPM
The Kinda Love (JKriv Kinda Boogie mix) - (6:44) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Fresh off a run of hot remixes for Glitterbox is Razor'n'Tape's JKriv who turns the disco arpeggios up to 11 with his soaring remix of Prospect Park's 'The Kinda Love'. Complete with real live strings, rattling percussion and the powerhouse vocals of Yolanda Wynns. JKriv also turns in a completely different more Chic-esque version on his 'Kinda Boogie' Mix. Packing away the synths and bringing the live disco bass and guitar into the spotlight.
ZEDD 12308
26 Mar 21
from $1.49
The Mighty Douglas (Doug's Godbizniss mix) - (6:42) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
ZEDD 12307
12 Mar 21
from $1.49
He Is (Jimpster remix) - (7:22) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
He Is (Dave Lee remastered club mix) - (7:42) 122 BPM
Review: Second time around for the Sunburst Band's 'He Is', a track that first featured on the revivalist disco, soul and jazz-funk outfit's 2004 album The End of Time. This time round the headline attraction is a fresh revision from Freerange co-founder Jimpster, who combines snippets of the band's rich, organic instrumentation with his own drowsy late-night chords, tough beats and booming bass to deliver a properly driving, ultra-deep club rocker. Those who like energy and dreaminess will love it. The EP also offers another chance to listen to band founder Dave Lee's 2005 'Club Mix', a rather fine fusion of bustling deep house and glassy-eyed jazz-funk flourishes that boasts some seriously soaring improvised vocals and synth solos to die for.
ZEDD 12306
26 Feb 21
Deep House
from $1.49
Dave Lee & Billy Valentine - "Power Of The Mind" (JN Redemption mix) - (7:36) 122 BPM
Crackazat - "Waterfalls" - (6:03) 122 BPM
The Love Symphony Orchestra - "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (Dr Packer remix) - (7:30) 125 BPM
Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band & Dave Lee - "Everyday" (JN Disco Re-Bump remix) - (7:28) 115 BPM
Jakatta & Seal - "My Vision" (The Vision remix) - (7:00) 123 BPM
AC Soul Symphony - "Manhattan Skyline" (JN Spirit Of '77 extended mix) - (11:06) 122 BPM
Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band & Dave Lee - "Big Blow" (Moodena remix) - (5:57) 123 BPM
Hi Voltage - "Lets Get Horny" (Michael Gray remix) - (6:31) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mothers Favourite Child & Tanya Tiet - "Reflections Of A Disco Ball" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (7:08) 122 BPM
Akabu - "Ride The Storm" (Saison remix) - (7:18) 123 BPM
The Sunburst Band & Sunlightsquare - "Perdoname" (Dave Lee's Latin Escapade instrumental) - (6:46) 124 BPM
Sammy Barbot - "Mexico" - (6:11) 111 BPM
Art Of Tones & Anduze - "Flower Child" - (6:58) 122 BPM
Ann Consuelo - "See The Day" (StoneBridge Club mix) - (6:11) 123 BPM
Arlana - "Springtime" - (5:58) 123 BPM
Joey Negro, Horse Meat Disco & Dave Lee - "Candidate For Love" (Joey Negro Disco Blend Unreleased instrumental) - (6:37) 123 BPM
Crackazat - "In My Dreams" - (5:38) 120 BPM
Original Just Us - "You're My Latest Inspiration" - (6:17) 108 BPM
Mistura & Angela Johnson - "Do You Love Me?" (feat Angela Johnson - David Penn remix) - (6:17) 124 BPM
Mistura - "Smile For Me" (Shur-i-kan Unreleased remix instrumental) - (5:44) 124 BPM
Review: The release of Dave Lee's annual Essentials collection on Z Records - a kind of "best of the year" from his now 30-year-old imprint - is fast becoming as much of a Christmas tradition as family arguments, disappointing presents and undercooked turkey. Predictably the 2020 edition is once again up to scratch, with the much-loved Essex producer showcasing some seriously good disco, deep house, soulful house and revivalist dancefloor jazz-funk. Our picks of a very strong bunch include the rushing, sunshine soulfulness of Crackazat's 'Waterfalls', the Vision's 2020 re-rub of Jakatta and Seal classic 'My Vision', Michael Gray's extra-percussive disco-house take on Hi Voltage's 'Let's Get Horny', the celebratory brilliance of Art of Tones and Anduze's 'Flower Child', and the Shur-I-Kan's previously unreleased instrumental rework of Mistura's 'Smikle For Me'.
11 Dec 20
from $1.49
Paoli Mejias - "Revelation" - (5:16) 140 BPM
Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen Trio - "Keeper Of The Flame" - (5:24) 126 BPM
Curtis Lundy - "Never Gonna Let You Go" - (4:21) 89 BPM
8VB - "Gengis" - (6:37) 129 BPM
Marita Alben Juerez Quartet - "Upa Neguinho" - (4:37) 128 BPM
JD Walter - "Golden Lady" - (5:51) 150 BPM
Steven Kroon - "Tombo 7/4" - (5:52) 128 BPM
Hajime Yoshizawa & Navasha Daya - "Celebration" - (5:14) 125 BPM
Raffaela Renzulli Ensemble - "Brasilia" - (6:31) 122 BPM
Carmen Lundy - "So This Is Love" - (3:36) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Tino Gonzales - "Latin Gypsy" - (7:23) 138 BPM
Grady Tate - "Little Black Samba" - (9:14) 118 BPM
Jam Session Goes Latino - "Manteca" - (6:39) 134 BPM
Review: Deep inside the annals of Bill Brewster's book Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (essential reading), Colin Curtis is not only credited as being one of the first to introduce mixing to British nightclubs but moreover his influence in bringing African-American and Latin music to the point of spawning a split in the Northern soul movement and modern soul sub genres. Admired and adored worldwide, the legendary selector has been commissioned for a second volume of Jazz Dance Fusion by Dave Lee's Z Records, with this various artist edition delivering a select showcase of unreleased material from Curtis's private vaults that highlights his love for dancefloor jazz, vocal numbers and percussive influences Colin Curtis style. All that jazz.
27 Nov 20
from $1.49
Manhattan Skyline (Dave Lee remix) - (11:06) 122 BPM
ZEDD 12302
23 Oct 20
from $1.49
Waterfalls (original mix) - (6:03) 122 BPM
In My Dreams (original mix) - (5:38) 120 BPM
Fire Drift (original mix) - (5:42) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Crystal Eyes (original mix) - (7:45) 119 BPM
What You're Feeling (original mix) - (7:21) 124 BPM
Fly Away (original mix) - (5:19) 120 BPM
Some Day (original mix) - (5:44) 122 BPM
Universal Love (original mix) - (6:17) 124 BPM
I'll Be There (original mix) - (5:54) 122 BPM
Sean McCabe - "Holding On" (Crackazat remix) - (7:03) 119 BPM
Joey Negro - "Latican Boogie" (Crackazat remix) - (6:24) 122 BPM
Review: Back in 2016, Crackazat launched the Period Works series as a vehicle for productions that explicitly paid tribute to his influences and inspirations, and in particular his love of glossy, musically rich 1990s US house and garage. Four years on, he's decided to gather together the tracks released so far in one place, adding a trio of previously unheard creations and a couple of bonus remixes to create Period Works - The Album. Highlights are plentiful, from the authentic 1970s disco rush of superb opener 'Waterfalls' and the classic Masters at Work shuffle of 'Fire Drift', to the 'Brazilian Rhyme'-goes-piano house rush of 'Fly Away' and the big room US garage bounce of 'I'll Be There'. The included squelchy, synth-laden rework of Sean McCabe's 'Holding On' is also superb.
16 Oct 20
from $1.49
Power Of The Mind (JN Redemption mix) - (7:36) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Power Of The Mind (JN Mind Meld dub) - (7:00) 122 BPM
Review: This is the 300th release from Dave Lee's Z Records, who also celebrate their 30th anniversary this year. 'Power Of The Mind' bites an uplifting 80s male soul vocal from the Valentine Brothers, who are best known for 'Money's Too Tight To Mention' (as later covered by Simply Red), placing it atop crisp 4/4s, a heavyweight disco bassline, organ parps and vintage-style hands-in-the-air pianos, the end result being a timeless piece of disco-fuelled house music that's built with Saturday night peaktime play firmly in mind, and that's served in simple vocal and dub flavas. Impeccable stuff - long may they continue!
ZEDD 12300
09 Oct 20
from $1.49
My Vision (The Vision remix) - (7:00) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
My Vision (The Vision dub) - (6:54) 123 BPM
Review: There's plenty of gold to be found in Dave Lee's back catalogue, and by extension plenty of killer cuts that are ripe for remixing. The latest archival track to get a new lick of sonic paint is 'My Vision', a collaboration with beloved '90s soul-pop star (and Adamski collaborator) Seal that first appeared on Lee's 2002 album as Jakatta, Visions. The remixer is, fittingly, The Vision, a fast-rising collaboration between Ben Westbeech and Christian 'Kon' Taylor. Their revision of 'My Vision' is little less than stunning, with Seal's spinetingling lead vocal rising above an attractive bed of driving bass, old school piano stabs and stomping beats. The pair's ear-catching piano parts come to the fore on the accompanying Dub, which is almost as essential as their full vocal version.
ZEDD 12303
02 Oct 20
from $1.49
Agent K/Various
4hero - "Hold It Down" (Bugz In The Attic's Co-Operative mix) - (7:18) 129 BPM
Agent K - "Feed The Cat" (original) - (7:32) 60 BPM
Fourth Kind - "Take Me To Your Sky" (original) - (4:26) 126 BPM
Domu & Face - "Save It" (original) - (5:58) 64 BPM
Jazztronik - "Samurai" (original) - (8:29) 129 BPM
Nova Fronteira - "Baila Conmigo" (AtJazz remix) - (6:50) 85 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Kaidi Tatham - "Organic Juggernaut" (original) - (4:40) 132 BPM
Vikter Duplaix - "Manhood" (original) - (5:48) 124 BPM
Taylor McFerrin & Vincent Parker - "Broken Vibes" (original) - (7:52) 123 BPM
NSM - "DJ Power (Use It)" (original) - (6:43) 124 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "Turn It Out" (IG Culture remix) - (6:06) 124 BPM
Blakai & Bembe Segue - "Afrospace" (original) - (5:30) 124 BPM
Agent K - "Hands" (original) - (11:03) 128 BPM
Daz-I-Kue & Colonel Red - "Rokstone (Soon Come)" (Several Small Furry Bugz Co-Operating In The Attic remix) - (6:37) 126 BPM
Afronaut & Melissa Browne - "Transcend M.E." (original) - (7:55) 124 BPM
Lars Bartkuln - "Dimensions" (original) - (7:48) 126 BPM
Homecookin - "Lazy Days" (original) - (5:53) 131 BPM
Hajime Yoshizawa - "Endless Bow" (original) - (5:34) 128 BPM
Incognito - "Get Into My Groove" (Jazzanova remix) - (7:12) 120 BPM
Mark de Clive-Lowe - "Slide" (original) - (4:25) 62 BPM
East West Connection - "Mint Sauce" (original) - (6:24) 120 BPM
Likwid Biskit - "The All New Ummm" (original) - (4:17) 59 BPM
Review: The artist formally known as Joey Negro aka Dave Lee brings together a fresh and unique compilation with partner in sound Will Fox that dives deep into the west end sound of London's broken beat, soul and two-step scene. Featuring tracks from the likes of Bugz In The Attic, Jazzanova and Atjazz to 4 Hero and Sunburst Band, we've pulled up numbers like NSM's deep, woozy and downtempo "DJ Power (Use It)" to Jazztronik's piano-laden and garaged influenced "Samurai". Sweet, warm and deeply vocal still is Afronaut & Melissa Browne's "Transcend M.E." with a stripped back, breathy and stepping number from Mark de Clive-Lowe, with Likwid Biskit's closing track "The All New Ummm" surfing into some balmy, LA beat-scene territory.
11 Sep 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.49
Perdoname (Dave Lee's Latin Escapade) - (6:59) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Perdoname (Dave Lee's Latin Escapade instrumental) - (6:46) 124 BPM
Perdoname (Sunlightsquare Club mix) - (6:49) 126 BPM
Perdoname (Dave Lee's Latin Escapade edit) - (3:55) 124 BPM
Perdoname (Sunlightsquare edit) - (3:58) 126 BPM
Review: Here's a pleasant surprise: a brand-new collaboration between the artist formerly known as Joey Negro, Dave Lee, his expansive disco/jazz-funk combo The Sunburst Band, and contemporary salsa master Claudio Passavanti AKA Sunlightsquare. As you might expect given the musicians and producers involved, what we get is a gloriously warm, organic, sun-kissed and celebratory chunk of Latin disco, with Rene Alvarez providing a superb Spanish lead vocal. Lee delivers vocal and instrumental variations of his action-packed "Latin Escapade" mix, while Passavanti's Sunlightsquare Club Mix opts for more loose-limbed drums, more space in the mix, and tons of sparkling, boogie-style synths. Oh, and a more prominent role for the cheery, salsa-style lead vocal.
ZEDD 12301
04 Sep 20
from $1.49
Do You Love Me (David Penn remix) - (6:17) 124 BPM
Played by: Ladies On Mars
ZEDD 12299
28 Aug 20
from $1.49
Various/Joey Negro
Doug Willis - "Crystal Lover" (Unreleased Dubstrumental) - (6:48) 124 BPM
Joey Negro - "Stomp Your Feet" (Hot Toddy Unreleased instrumental) - (8:36) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mistura - "Smile For Me" (Shur-i-kan Unreleased remix instrumental) - (5:44) 124 BPM
Neapolitan Soul - "Welcome To The Dub" (original) - (11:42) 121 BPM
Joey Negro - "Do What You Feel" (JN Revival Unreleased instrumental) - (5:46) 122 BPM
Akabu & Linda Clifford - "Ride The Storm" (Saison Unreleased instrumental) - (7:37) 123 BPM
DC La Rue - "Cathedrals" (JN extended Disco Unreleased instrumental) - (10:08) 120 BPM
Doug Willis - "Risky Bizniz" (Unreleased instrumental) - (6:46) 122 BPM
Joey Negro - "Overnight Sensation" (Unreleased dub) - (6:10) 120 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "Here Comes The Sunburst Band" (Fouk remix) - (5:28) 120 BPM
Joey Negro & Horse Meat Disco - "Candidate For Love" (Joey Negro Disco Blend Unreleased instrumental) - (6:37) 123 BPM
Sunkids - "Rescue Me" (Joey Negro full Swing Unreleased instrumental) - (7:04) 124 BPM
Joey Negro - "Love Hangover" (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Disco Blend Unreleased instrumental) - (6:48) 121 BPM
Bobby D Ambrosio - "Moment Of My Life" (JN Xtended Re-Organ-ization) - (9:05) 121 BPM
Doug Willis - "Dancin" (Unreleased instrumental) - (7:44) 121 BPM
JKriv & Adeline - "Vertigo" (JKriv dub) - (5:48) 122 BPM
Joey Negro - "In Search Of The Dream" (Unreleased instrumental) - (8:48) 123 BPM
Opolopo - "Put Your Cap On" (original) - (5:38) 120 BPM
Zo! & Erro & Phonte - "We Are On The Move" (Shur-i-kan dub mix) - (6:12) 123 BPM
Akabu - "Everybody Wants Something" (Unreleased instrumental) - (6:17) 124 BPM
Raquel Rodriguez - "We Go Together" (Joey Negro Groove Style dub) - (5:46) 120 BPM
Joey Negro - "Distorting Space Time" (Ron Trent remix) - (8:51) 122 BPM
The APX - "Sweet Surrender" (Joey Negro dub Re-Arrangement) - (5:05) 120 BPM
Wardell Piper - "Power Of Love" (JN Unreleased instrumental remix) - (7:10) 118 BPM
Four 80 East & Ce Ce Peniston - "Are You Ready" (Joey Negro Brotherhood dub) - (6:04) 122 BPM
Joey Negro - "I Recognize" (Unreleased instrumental) - (6:40) 120 BPM
Mistura - "Love To The Limit" (Shur-i-kan Zanzibar dub) - (6:26) 123 BPM
Prospect Park - "Surrender" (DJ Fudge Unreleased instrumental) - (7:01) 123 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "Dialed Up" (Unreleased instrumental) - (7:55) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (JN original Disco instrumental) - (7:34) 121 BPM
Review: Undoubtedly the strongest selling point of Z Records' second set of "Dubstrumentals" (largely instrumental remixes to you and me) is the sheer number of previously unreleased mixes on offer. Sure, the quality of the disco and house cuts on show is uniformly excellent but it's unusual to get so many previously unheard treats in one place. There are some genuine gems, too, including a sparkling Hot Toddy nu-disco instrumental mix of Joey Negro's "Stomp Your Feet", an inspired Saison instrumental of Akabu & Linda Clifford's "Ride The Storm" that features two exquisite extended breakdowns, a must-have "Disco Blend Instrumental" of Joey Negro and Horse Meat Disco's "Candidate For Love", and a stellar, proto-house style dub of The APX's "Sweet Surrender".
07 Aug 20
from $1.49
Big Blow - (5:57) 123 BPM
Review: To coincide with Z Records' 30th birthday, boss man Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro has been sourcing new remixes of classic back catalogue cuts. Here he showcases the latest, which sees Tropical Disco label mainstay Moodena work his magic on the Sunburst Band's "Big Blow", a track first featured on the Lee-helmed combo's 1998 debut album. Moodena makes the most of the original track's low-down disco-funk feel, looping up the original groove, underpinning it with bouncy new house drums and making the most of Lee and company's brilliant instrumentation (think wah-wah guitar snippets, addictive horn blasts, rich electric piano keys and rubbery bass guitar). It's the kind of rolling, rock-solid revision that sounds like it will cause dancefloor devastation every time it's played.
ZEDD 12297
10 Jul 20
from $1.49
Flower Child (original mix) - (6:58) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Flower Child (instrumental mix) - (6:00) 122 BPM
Review: Although French veteran Ludovic Llorca has previously provided remixes for Z Records, "Flower Child" marks the first time one of his original productions has appeared on Dave Lee's long-serving label. While there are naturally some subtle nods towards Llorca's classic house sound in the track, it's little less than a flash-fried chunk of disco revivalism that brilliantly wraps period instrumentation - crunchy Clavinets, funk-rock style guitar licks, slap bass and sweeping strings - and a soulful lead vocal around live-sounding beats that are guaranteed to get you up and dancing. It's accompanied by a similarly impressive instrumental version, which wile a little less impactful is nevertheless a genuine aural treat.
ZEDD 12296
19 Jun 20
from $1.49
Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (The original Disco mix) - (7:24) 121 BPM
Erro - "Change For Me" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (8:20) 128 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Taste The Groove" (Hot Toddy remix) - (6:45) 114 BPM
Gladys Knight & The Pips - "Bourgie', Bourgie'" (Joey Negro Super Bourgeoisie remix) - (7:24) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Akabu - "Another World" (Andre Lodemann mix) - (8:54) 125 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Secret Life Of Us" (feat Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne - original) - (6:20) 117 BPM
Jakatta - "American Dream" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (7:08) 128 BPM
Doug Willis - "Crystal Lover" (Joey Negro dub Disco mix) - (6:33) 124 BPM
Patrice Rushen - "Havent You Heard" (Joey Negro extended Disco mix) - (6:56) 125 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Everyday" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (7:21) 105 BPM
Raven Maize - "Forever Together" (Grant Nelson remix) - (6:14) 127 BPM
D.C. LaRue - "Cathedrals" (Joey Negro Disco mix) - (10:09) 120 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Garden Of Love" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (6:51) 127 BPM
Crackazat - "What You're Feeling" (original) - (7:21) 124 BPM
Joey Negro - "Can't Get High Without You" (2016 Remaster) - (6:32) 128 BPM
Pacha - "One Kiss" (original) - (5:28) 124 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Journey To The Sun" (Dennis Ferrer remix) - (6:21) 126 BPM
Z Factor - "Gotta Keep Pushin'" (Grant Nelson remix) - (6:29) 125 BPM
Akabu - "Phuture Bound" (Ame mix) - (8:04) 124 BPM
Akabu - "Searchin'" (Motor City Drum Ensemble mix) - (8:01) 122 BPM
Joey Negro - "Make A Move On Me" (Club mix) - (8:54) 128 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Rough Times" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (7:16) 125 BPM
Sean McCabe - "Holding On" (Crackazat remix) - (7:03) 119 BPM
Opolopo - "Round & Round" (feat Diane Charlemagne - Opolopo 4 To The Floor mix) - (8:35) 120 BPM
Doug Willis - "Get Your Own" (original) - (7:52) 126 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "He Is" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (7:32) 126 BPM
Joey Negro - "Do What You Feel" (JN Revival mix) - (5:50) 122 BPM
Raven Maize - "The Real Life" (original) - (6:08) 129 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "In The Thick Of It" (original) - (7:07) 123 BPM
Sean Mccabe - "Something About You" (feat Jennifer Wallace - extended vocal mix) - (8:00) 124 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Far Beyond" (original) - (6:35) 105 BPM
Doug Willis - "Skate Dancer" (original) - (7:13) 127 BPM
Joey Negro - "Stomp Your Feet" (Hot Toddy remix) - (8:25) 120 BPM
AC Soul Symphony - "K-Jee" (Joey Negro Philly World mix) - (8:31) 122 BPM
Doug Willis - "Spread Love" (JN 2016 Retouch) - (6:13) 124 BPM
Al McKay Allstars - "Heed The Message" (Joey Negro extended mix) - (5:59) 120 BPM
Zo! & Erro & Phonte - "We Are On The Move" (Joey Negro Revival mix) - (7:05) 123 BPM
Mistura & Kendra Cash - "Smile" (Shur-i-kan Future Vox) - (5:44) 124 BPM
Joey Negro & Horse Meat Disco - "Candidate For Love" (Joey Negro Disco Blend) - (6:39) 123 BPM
Agora - "Montayo" (original) - (9:05) 127 BPM
Jakatta - "Shimmering Stars" (Joey Negro Medusa edit) - (7:31) 126 BPM
Electric Empire - "Always" (Joey Negro Classic mix) - (7:09) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Love Hangover" (extended mix Remaster) - (6:56) 121 BPM
Akabu - "I'm Not Afraid Of The Future" (Joey Negro Medusa mix) - (8:12) 126 BPM
Review: Remarkably, three decades have now passed since Dave Lee AKA Joey Nergo inaugurated his label, Z Records. To mark the occasion, Lee has compiled this suitably epic, 44-track retrospective. There are plenty of big tunes and underground anthems present- see Jakatta's "American Dream", Raven Maize's "The Real Life", The Sunburst Band's "Everyday" and Doug Willis's "Spread Love" - as well as some of the veteran DJ/producer's favourite catalogue cuts and some slept-on gems. Throw in a string of memorable remixes - think Ame's remix of Akabu's "Phuture Bound", Grant Nelson's vintage rub of Z Factor's "Gotta Keep Pushin" and Joey Negro's revision of Patrice Rushen disco classic "Haven't You Heard" - and you've got a brilliant retrospective of one of house and disco's most consistent labels. Don't sleep!
29 May 20
from $1.49
Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dr Packer remix) - (7:30) 125 BPM
Review: Somewhat bizarrely, in 1978 Penthouse magazine funded the making of an album of particularly sexually charged disco tracks by the Love Symphony Orchestra, an all-star studio band helmed by producer/arranger Mitch Forber. The standout track was "Let Me Be Your Fantasy", a breathless, ten-minute disco climax that was as sweet as it was sleazy. Here it gets the remix treatment courtesy of Glitterbox regular and rework maestro Dr Packer. His version is a little looser and more carnival-ready than the 1978 original, with the track's familiar string, Clavinet and guitar riffs, which all mimic the killer bassline, being joined by what sound like brand new beats and more whistles than your average turn-of-the-90s rave. It's a fine revision that should introduce the track - and slightly odd project - to a whole new audience.
ZEDD 12289
23 Apr 20
from $1.49
Reflections Of A Disco Ball (Joey Negro club mix) - (7:08) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Reflections Of A Disco Ball (Joey Negro Life Affirming dub) - (5:36) 122 BPM
Review: Another week, another new set of hot-to-trot remixes from Joey Negro, a man we're convinced never sleeps. This time round, the Essex-raised veteran has turned his attention to "Reflections of a Disco Ball", a 2015 single by soul-funk/jazz-funk combo Mothers Favourite Child featuring vocals from Tanya Tiet. The Z Records boss first offers up a smooth, full vocal "Club Remix" that wraps the group's Reel People style instrumentation, vocals and cut-glass strings around one of his famous hybrid disco/house grooves. Arguably even better is the accompanying "Affirming Dub", a largely vocal-free rework that makes far more of the superb string parts, twinkling pianos and the part-live, part-programmed groove.
ZEDD 12288
10 Apr 20
from $1.49
Ride The Storm (Saison remix) - (7:18) 123 BPM
Review: Unbelievably, this much-sampled classic will be 20 years old next year. No doubt there'll be more new mixes on the way then, but in the meantime there's this very serviceable refix from deep house men-of-the-moment Saison. The London duo wisely leave those very familiar sweeping, string-like pads and Ms Clifford's spoken vocal to retain centre stage and concentrate their efforts on the bottom end, supplying a bassline and tough-but-muted drums to make the track more easily programmable for a new generation of DJs...some of whom won't even have been born when it was first released, but let's not dwell on that!
ZEDD 12287
20 Mar 20
Deep House
from $1.49
Various/Joey Negro/Various
Satoshi Tomiie - "Inspired" (feat Diane Charlemagne) - (6:54) 125 BPM
United Future Organization - "Flying Saucer" (Kings Of Tomorrow remix) - (9:21) 124 BPM
N-Joi - "Anthem" (Kerri Chandler Distant Run mix) - (4:15) 126 BPM
LNR - "Reachin'" (vocal mix) - (6:36) 121 BPM
Sound Source - "A Naked Theme" (Source mix 1) - (6:56) 124 BPM
Fini Dolo - "Blow" (Restless Soul Poetic Peak Time mix) - (8:17) 124 BPM
Abacus - "Moonbeamz" - (6:10) 126 BPM
Glenn Turner - "I Need A Lover For Myself" (Key mix) - (8:00) 123 BPM
Bonnie Byrd - "We Can Make It" - (6:01) 121 BPM
Biddu Orchestra - "Humanity" (Club mix) - (5:41) 118 BPM
Screamine Rachel - "Rock Me" (The Marshall Jefferson Deep Underground dub) - (5:07) 121 BPM
Martha Wash - "Runaround" (Todd Terry - Tee's 12) - (4:43) 122 BPM
Ele Ferrer - "I'll Make U Happy Baby" (X-Tended Club mix) - (9:52) 121 BPM
Alexander Hope - "Share" (Tommy Musto's New York Thang mix) - (7:08) 122 BPM
Slam Mode - "100% Power" - (6:11) 125 BPM
Alexis P Suter - "All Night Long" - (7:25) 123 BPM
Mama's Children - "Let Us All Be Friends" (feat Lee Truesdale - Colonel Abrams original mix) - (5:36) 122 BPM
Cassio Ware - "I'm In Love" (Mentalinstrum remix) - (7:15) 123 BPM
Kathy Summers - "I'm In Love" (House Of Jazz mix) - (4:00) 120 BPM
Donald O - "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" - (4:57) 126 BPM
Joi Cardwell - "Run To You" (Philip Damien's extended vocal mix) - (9:49) 124 BPM
Mental Instrum - "Music On My Mind" (Smack Productions mix) - (5:37) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Take Me Higher" - (4:59) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Congregation - "Be Grateful" (Classic version) - (12:08) 123 BPM
Tyronne Summers - "All Because Of You" (original vocal mix) - (8:29) 121 BPM
Urban Soul - "I Got This Feeling" (Club vocal) - (7:27) 123 BPM
Ann Consuelo - "See The Day" (StoneBridge Club mix) - (6:11) 123 BPM
Review: We can think of few DJs more suited to compile a retrospective of killer 1990s house and garage than Z Records boss Joey Negro and Fanatix member Neil Pierce. It's perhaps unsurprising then that this follow-up to Negro's admired 2015 compilation is packed to the rafters with must-have treats. There are naturally some suitably big cuts present - see Kerri Chandler's fine mix of N-Joi's "Anthem" and Todd Terry's rub of Martha Walsh's "Runaround" - but for the most part the selections will be new to all but a small collection of veteran US garage enthusiasts. Our highlights include the riff-powered goodness of Slam Mode's "100% Power", Marshall Jefferson's deep dub of Screamin' Rachael's "Rock Me" and the soulful rush of Donald O's "Everything's Gonna Be Alright".
13 Mar 20
Deep House
from $1.49
Joey Negro & Sacha Williamson - "I Recognise" - (6:08) 153 BPM
Akabu & Alex Mills - "Everybody Wants Something" - (5:59) 62 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Joey Negro - "Prove That Your Feelin Me" - (3:49) 111 BPM
Joey Negro & Pete Simpson - "Caught In The Moment" - (4:11) 121 BPM
Melba Moore - "Anyway" - (4:02) 122 BPM
Doug Willis - "Get High On The Music" - (2:51) 81 BPM
Akabu & Glom & Kadija Kamara - "Again" - (5:26) 125 BPM
Sean McCabe - "Everythings Alright" (feat Erik Dillard) - (5:55) 122 BPM
Joey Negro & Linda Clifford - "Won't Let Go" - (5:27) 82 BPM
Sean McCabe - "Tomorrows Another Day" (feat Donaeo) - (4:44) 120 BPM
Jkriv & Adeline - "Vertigo" - (5:03) 123 BPM
TrAmHeD & Wrenne - "Circles In My Mind" - (3:43) 144 BPM
Lakeshore Commission - "Together" (Right Now) - (4:34) 121 BPM
Mistura - "Do You Love Me" (feat Angela Johnson) - (7:02) 119 BPM
Sean McCabe - "Reach Out" - (5:39) 123 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Only Time Will Tell" (feat Angela Johnson) - (5:49) 126 BPM
Sean McCabe - "Holding On" - (4:17) 122 BPM
Mistura & Kendra Cash - "Smile" - (5:14) 159 BPM
Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band & Pete Simpson - "Staying Power" - (2:32) 116 BPM
Joey Negro - "In Search Of The Dream" (feat Angela Johnson) - (1:35) 114 BPM
Joey Negro & Lifford - "You Are My Everything" (feat Lifford) - (2:46) 122 BPM
Alex Mills - "Into The Blue" - (4:09) 117 BPM
Joey Negro - "Vision" - (5:49) 119 BPM
Joey Negro & Diane Charlemagne - "Overnight Sensation" (feat Diane Charlemagne) - (3:05) 120 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Face The Fire" (feat The Rebirth) - (5:59) 103 BPM
Soulmagic & Terri B! - "Good Love" - (4:29) 125 BPM
Antonello Ferrari & Jennifer Wallace - "Room For Me" - (5:47) 121 BPM
Mistura & Bridgett Grace - "Love To The Limit" - (4:36) 123 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Easy Come, Easy Go" - (1:31) 108 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Why Wait For Tomorrow" (feat Pete Simpson) - (5:15) 154 BPM
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Definition Of Love" (feat Diane Charlemagne) - (2:53) 128 BPM
Kola Kube - "The Phuture's Looking Brighter" - (2:39) 123 BPM
21 Feb 20
DJ Tools
from $1.49
Delia Renee - "You're Gonna Want Me Back" (Joey Negro Disco Blend) - (8:06) 120 BPM
The O'Jays - "Put Our Heads Together" (Joey Negro Re-Organised Master mix) - (8:36) 120 BPM
Tamiko Jones - "Can't Live Without Your Love" (Joey Negro Space Disco mix) - (8:42) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Double Exposure - "Everyman" (Joey Negros Salsoul Strut) - (7:20) 116 BPM
Doug Willis - "Dancin' 2020" (Joey Negro extended Rebuild) - (7:56) 121 BPM
Sunkids & Chance - "Rescue Me" (Joey Negros In full Swing mix) - (7:32) 124 BPM
AC Soul Symphony - "K-Jee" (Joey Negro Philly World mix) - (8:06) 122 BPM
Four80East & CeCe Peniston - "Are You Ready?" (Joey Negro Redemption mix) - (6:46) 122 BPM
Z Factor - "Gotta Keep Pushin'" (Grant Nelson remix) - (6:12) 125 BPM
Bobby D'Ambrosio & Michelle Weeks - "Moment Of My Life" (Joey Negro Dubwise Re-Organ-ization) - (8:51) 121 BPM
Neapolitan Soul - "Welcome To The Dub" (original mix - Phunky Trip) - (11:42) 121 BPM
Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge - "Falling Deep In Love" (Joey Negro Disco Blend) - (6:48) 120 BPM
Mary Gold - "Dancing" (original mix) - (10:01) 110 BPM
Lakeshore Commission - "Together (Right Now)" (Joey Negro's Raw Uncut mix) - (7:16) 120 BPM
Crackazat - "Some Day" (original mix) - (5:44) 122 BPM
Mistura & Angela Johnson - "Do You Love Me?" (Joey Negro extended vocal mix) - (8:41) 123 BPM
JKriv & Adeline Michelle - "Vertigo" (Yuksek remix) - (5:31) 120 BPM
Foreal People - "Shake" (Dr Packer Re-Shake) - (6:12) 120 BPM
Raquel Rodriguez - "We Go Together" (Joey Negro Groove Style dub) - (5:46) 120 BPM
Joey Negro & Angela Johnson - "In Search Of The Dream" (Lay-Far remix) - (6:38) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Distorting Space Time" (Fouk remix) - (6:51) 122 BPM
Synergy & Donnell Pitman - "More People Than Me" (original mix) - (6:46) 112 BPM
Review: This excellent collection from Z Records draws together some of boss man Joey Negro's favourite label cuts of 2019, many of which he of course had a hand in either producing or remixing. There are naturally tons of superb multi-track remixes of disco gems old and new (see the versions of the O'Jays, Delia Renee, Tamiko Jones and Double Exposure), as well as fresh revisions of vintage Joey Negro house productions under other aliases (Doug Willis, Z Factor, Foreal People) and a swathe of killer cuts that join the dots between disco and house (Sunkids and Chance, Four80 East and CeCe Peniston, Bobby D'Ambrosia and Michelle Weeks). Throw in tracks and remixes from the likes of Fouk, Crackazat and Lay-Far and you have a superb collection of peak-time-ready workouts.
06 Dec 19
from $1.49
Rescue Me (Joey Negro's In full Swing mix) - (7:32) 124 BPM
Review: Around the turn of the millennium, experienced production partnership Eric Wilkman and James Donaldson released a handful of fine EPs as Sunkids, including a pair of solid singles featuring vocalist Chance. The first of these was 1999's "Rescue Me", a soulful and intoxicating number that remains one of the most memorable vocal house records of the period. Here the 20 year-old track gets a new lease of life thanks to remix maestro Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro. His version mixes warm new instrumentation - bass, Rhodes chords, jangling piano stabs, spacey synths and so on - with Chance's original vocal and the kind of loose, skipping beats that were once the hallmark of US garage. As a result, "Rescue Me" sounds more delicious and floor-friendly than it has ever done before.
ZEDD 12285
22 Nov 19
Funky/Club House
from $1.49
Kremlin - (2:34) 124 BPM
AWD 436754
20 Nov 19
Deep House
from $1.49
Dancin' 2020 (Joey Negro extended Rebuild) - (8:15) 121 BPM
ZEDD 12284
17 Oct 19
from $1.49
Joey Negro Redemption Mix - (7:02) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Joey Negro Brotherhood Dub - (6:04) 122 BPM
Review: Last year Canadian electro-jazz outfit Four 80 East proved their club credentials via the house-powered "Four On The Floor EP", whose many treats included a fine collaboration with legendary vocalist CeCe Peniston. Here Z Records boss Joey Negro gets his chance to remix that fine cut. On the opening "Redemption Mix" he brilliantly re-imagines it as a soaring chunk of revivalist disco/soulful house fusion in which Peniston's superb vocals rise above bustling jazz-funk bass, warm chords and hazy orchestration. It's a genuine feel good gem and one of his most memorable remixes for some time. For those in love with percussion and the simple dancefloor pleasures of good-time grooves, the accomopanying Brotherhood Dub is a must-check.
ZEDD 12280
19 Sep 19
from $1.49
Shake (Dr Packer Re-Shake) - (6:44) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Shake (Dr Packer instrumental) - (6:44) 120 BPM
Played by: BRENDON P, 80's Child
Review: Foreal People is not an alias that Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro uses that often these days, but back in the late '90s he served up a string of singles under the pseudonym. Here one of those singles, 1999's GQ cover "Shake" featuring vocalist David Grant, is given the remix treat by contemporary disco and house hero Dr Packer. His opening "Re-Shake" has a groovier, looser and warmer vibe than Lee's '99 original, being closer to the sound and feel of GQ's 1982 track (albeit with a few choice contemporary touches and occasional dub style effects). Packer's instrumental revision is naturally even more delay laden, though it's more of a straight vocal-free take than a wild late night dub. Either way, it's rather good.
ZEDD 12282
30 Aug 19
from $1.49
Take Me Time - (5:12) 120 BPM
AWD 422395
23 Aug 19
Deep House
from $1.49
Dream - (3:16) 120 BPM
AWD 422387
17 Aug 19
Deep House
from $1.49
Vertigo (Yuksek remix) - (5:31) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Vertigo (JN Spirit Of 78 mix) - (8:33) 122 BPM
Vertigo (original Club mix) - (7:10) 122 BPM
Vertigo (acapella) - (5:00) 123 BPM
Review: Second time around for JKriv and Adeline's "Vertigo", a revivalist disco treat that first appeared last autumn. The still-hot "Original Club Mix" (track three) sounds like a long lost cut from Brooklyn disco modernists Escort, a band that both JKriv and Adeline were members of. It's absolutely brilliant all told - think strong choruses, Nile Rodgers guitars, jangly pianos and walking bass - as is the dusty disco-house revision from Yuksek. Best of all though is the storming interpretation from Z Records chief Joey Negro, who wraps Adeline's vocal and JKriv's bassline in colourful new boogie synths and some classic disco-funk horns. There's no doubt about it, this will (rightly) be one of the biggest disco records of 2019.
ZEDD 12276
16 Aug 19
from $1.49
Mistura & Angela Johnson - "Do You Love Me?" (Joey Negro Disco Blend) - (6:16) 123 BPM
Bob Sinclar & Dimitri From Paris & Byron Stingily - "Love Is The Answer" (Club edit) - (6:29) 125 BPM
Bobby D'Ambrosio & Michelle Weeks - "Moment Of My Life" (Joey Negro Closer To The Source mix) - (10:10) 121 BPM
Roberto De Carlo & Dyanna Fearon - "Searching" (Opolopo remix) - (5:08) 123 BPM
Crackazat - "Fly Away" (original mix) - (5:19) 120 BPM
Crusho & Marilyn David - "Someone To Love" (original mix) - (6:23) 120 BPM
Joey Negro & Angela Johnson - "In Search Of The Dream" (Lay-Far remix) - (6:38) 123 BPM
TW Funkmasters - "Love Money" (Joey Negro Dubwise Revision) - (7:31) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lakeshore Commission - "Together (Right Now)" (Joey Negro Tribute To Randy Muller) - (8:40) 120 BPM
Cookie - "Best Part Of Me" (Unreleased original mix) - (8:22) 121 BPM
Neapolitan Soul - "Welcome To The Dub (Phunky Trip)" (original mix) - (11:42) 121 BPM
AC Soul Symphony - "K-Jee" (Joey Negro Philly World mix) - (8:31) 122 BPM
Joey Negro - "Love Hangover" (Micky More & Andy Tee Groove Culture Blend) - (7:10) 121 BPM
JKriv & Adeline - "Vertigo" (JKriv dub) - (5:48) 122 BPM
Raquel Rodriguez - "We Go Together" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (6:18) 120 BPM
Akabu & Linda Clifford - "Ride The Storm" (Joey Negro Solar Jazz mix) - (8:53) 123 BPM
Big Bang Theory & Carolyn Harding - "When U Touch Me" (Paradise Garage Club mix) - (8:13) 125 BPM
DC LaRue - "Do You Want The Real Thing?" (Ron Basejam's dub) - (6:32) 110 BPM
Joey Negro & Sacha Williamson - "I Recognise" (feat Sacha Williamson - original mix) - (6:21) 120 BPM
Mistura & Bridgett Grace - "Love To The Limit" (Shur-i-kan Request dub) - (5:45) 123 BPM
Yam Who? & Jaegerossa & Jacqui George - "Grateful" (feat Jacqui George - original mix) - (5:59) 125 BPM
Joey Negro - "Distorting Space Time" (Fouk remix) - (6:51) 122 BPM
Raven Maize - "Forever Together" (Faze Action remix) - (9:01) 125 BPM
Opolopo - "Spray Tan" (original mix) - (4:53) 120 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "Journey To The Sun" (Reprise) - (3:25) 126 BPM
Review: The Z Records crew is off to the White Isle of Ibiza and they want us to dance along at home - hence this fittingly summery selection of celebratory disco and house gems. There are naturally plenty of recent label highlights (see the cuts from Crackazat and JKriv & Adeline) and a swathe of fine tracks and revisions from boss man Joey Negro. Amongst the many highlights you'll find the celebratory disco brilliance of Bob Sinclar, Dimitri From Paris and Byron Stingily's "Love Is The Answer", the boogie/house/soul fusion of Opolopo's colourful revision of "Searching" by Roberto De Carlo and Dyanna Fearon, the soulful house sweetness of Cookie's "Best Part of Me (Unreleased Original Mix)", and Faze Action's epic, solo-laden, jazz-funk style re-make of Raven Maize classic "Forever Together".
26 Jul 19
from $1.49
Gotta Keep Pushin' (Grant Nelson remix) - (6:29) 125 BPM
ZEDD 12278
05 Jul 19
Funky/Club House
from $1.49
Mary Gold - "Dancing" (original mix) - (10:01) 110 BPM
Doug Payne & Polygon - "Holiday" (original mix) - (5:01) 125 BPM
Betty Padgett - "Sugar Daddy" (Part One & Two) - (6:26) 118 BPM
Bilalian Creation - "Save The Children" (original mix) - (6:37) 119 BPM
Expose - "I Just Wanna Dance With You" (original mix) - (7:27) 131 BPM
Lord Of Storm - "I'm Human" (original mix) - (3:45) 118 BPM
Jungle Band - "Jungleland" (Part Two) - (10:23) 110 BPM
R.G.'s All Nite Funk Band - "Go For It Sucker" (original mix) - (7:04) 115 BPM
T.T. Sotto - "Chorus Line" (original mix) - (5:13) 123 BPM
Bramsam - "Get Up & Dance Now" (original mix) - (4:01) 134 BPM
Jonnie Vibes Lambert - "Can't Stop Dancin'" (original mix) - (5:40) 118 BPM
Synergy & Donnell Pitman - "More People Than Me" (original mix) - (6:46) 112 BPM
Al ''Man'' Muntzie & The Embraceables - "We Are Steady Rockin'" (original mix) - (8:01) 115 BPM
Are & Be - "If There Is No Struggle" (Long version) - (10:22) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Juice - "Mercy On Me" (original mix) - (6:42) 109 BPM
The G.Ts - "Let's Do It Together" (original mix) - (5:12) 122 BPM
Eklips - "My Love" (original mix) - (6:54) 120 BPM
Ms. Victoria Barnes - "Never Too Late" (Disco version) - (5:39) 125 BPM
The Olympics - "Do You Like It" (original mix) - (6:34) 119 BPM
Suave - "Salsa Gon Gitcha" (original mix) - (6:00) 111 BPM
The Rappers - "Funky Juice" (Part One) - (3:08) 113 BPM
Review: While most of us have never heard of Winston, fellow dusty-fingered record collectors hold him in high esteem. On his contribution to Z Records' essential "Under The Influence" series it's easy to see why. His selections are uniformly superb and, bar a handful of cuts, almost unknown to anyone outside the serious collecting community. For proof, check the celebratory, slap-bass propelled disco-funk of Doug Payne and Polygon's "Holiday", the heady, high-octane disco thrills of Expose's "I Just Wanna Dance With You", the low-slung early funk-rap headiness of Jungle Band's "Jungleland (Part 2)" and the wickedly percussive salsa-disco heaviness of Suave's "Salsa Gon Gitcha". In other words, it's a killer collection of top-notch cuts that you'll never have heard before. What's not to like?
28 Jun 19
from $1.49
Various/Joey Negro
AC Soul Symphony - "K-Jee" (Joey Negro Philly World mix) - (8:31) 122 BPM
Sylvester - "I Need You" (Opolopo remix) - (7:54) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (original Disco mix Alt Intro) - (6:26) 121 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "Fly Away" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (8:06) 128 BPM
Fonda Rae - "Over Like A Fat Rat" (Jazz N Groove Classic mix) - (7:06) 127 BPM
Bottin & Jupiter - "Sage Comme Une Image" (Club mix) - (6:03) 115 BPM
JKriv & Adeline - "Vertigo" (original mix) - (7:10) 122 BPM
Fibre Foundation & Kelli Sae - "Weekend" (Joey Negro Disco Re-Blend) - (6:45) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Dancing Into The Stars" (feat Horse Meat Disco & Angela Johnson - original mix) - (9:26) 120 BPM
Wardell Piper - "The Power Of Love" (JN Power Of The Boogie mix) - (6:16) 118 BPM
Timmy Vegas & Kerry Davies - "Get Yourself Together" (Timmy's B'ham Disco Authority mix) - (6:35) 120 BPM
Raw Essence - "Do You Love What You Feel" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (6:32) 128 BPM
DJ Fudge & Kiko Navarro - "So Tight" (Club mix) - (7:47) 120 BPM
Joey Negro & Horse Meat Disco - "Candidate For Love" (Joey Negro Disco Blend) - (6:39) 123 BPM
Prospect Park - "Till You Surrender" (DJ Fudge Disco mix) - (7:01) 123 BPM
Sessomatto - "Moody" (Joey Negro Club mix 2016 Remaster) - (8:06) 128 BPM
Opolopo - "Get On Up" (original mix) - (5:34) 120 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "The Secret Life Of Us" (feat Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne - Director's Cut Signature mix) - (7:51) 124 BPM
Kola Kube - "Everybody Needs Somebody" (Faze Action remix) - (7:29) 118 BPM
Antonello Ferrari & Jennifer Wallace - "Make Room For Me" (Joey Negro Disco Boogie dub Extravaganza) - (8:13) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Love Hangover" (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Disco Blend) - (6:44) 121 BPM
Yam Who? & Jaegerossa - "Grateful" (feat Jacqui George - Tweaked mix) - (6:16) 125 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "I'll Be There 4 U" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (6:50) 127 BPM
Gwen Guthrie - "What A Life" (Joey Negro remix) - (6:19) 122 BPM
Les Claudettes - "Alexandrie Alexandra" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (14:44) 125 BPM
Review: When it comes to blending classic disco and bumpin' peak-time house, few can match Joey Negro - a man who has been offering up disco-fied house jams since the early '90s. There are naturally plenty of his own tracks and remixes on "Put Some Disco In The House", an expansive collection of quality disco-house moments, with highlights including the rolling disco-boogie heat of "Put The Music On It (Original Disco Mix)", the chunky, walking bass-propelled "Dancing Into The Stars" (with Horse Meat Disco and Angela Johnson) and a slamming rework of Sessomato's jazz-funk flavoured "Moody". There's plenty of heat to be found elsewhere, too, with standouts including JKriv and Adeline's "Vertigo", Opolopo's boogie-tinged revision of Sylvester classic "I Need You" and the spiraling disco pump of Yam Who and Jaegerossa's "Grateful".
21 Jun 19
from $1.49
Welcome To The Dub (Phunky Trip) - (11:42) 121 BPM
ZEDD 12275
07 Jun 19
from $1.49
Do You Love Me? (JN Disco Blend) - (6:16) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Do You Love Me? (JN extended vocal mix) - (8:41) 123 BPM
Do You Love Me? (JN Sunburst Keys mix) - (5:14) 123 BPM
Review: Last year Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro released his first single under the long-running Mistera alias (one of a dozen or so pseudonyms he's used throughout his production career) for almost five years. It's taken a little less time to deliver the follow-up, a deliciously positive chunk of real disco/soulful house fusion featuring the distinctive vocals of long-serving chanteuse Angela Johnson. Each of the three mixes is rather good, all told, with the sweet and summery "Disco Blend" version - all live instrumentation, swirling strings and soaring vocals - being our pick of a strong bunch (though the solo-laden "Sunburst Keys Mix" instrumental is also rather good).
ZEDD 12274
24 May 19
from $1.49
Music Speaks Louder Than Words (Doug's Jazzfunkadisco mix) - (7:06) 124 BPM
Risky Biznizz (Joey Negro Bionic House mix) - (6:46) 122 BPM
Crystal Lover (Joey Negro dub Disco mix) - (6:33) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Nu Dimension (Joey Negro Philly World mix) - (6:45) 128 BPM
Power To The People (original mix) - (6:12) 123 BPM
Skate Dancer (original mix) - (7:36) 127 BPM
Get Your Own (original mix) - (7:52) 126 BPM
Doug's Disco Theme (original mix) - (7:19) 120 BPM
Doug's So Glad Ur Here (Doug's Percussive Introduction mix) - (7:19) 124 BPM
Doug Be Good To Me (Doug's Destination Boogie mix) - (6:23) 123 BPM
Spread Love (JN 2016 Retouch) - (6:13) 124 BPM
Begun To Luv U (original mix) - (6:57) 127 BPM
My Brother Bruce (original mix) - (6:57) 123 BPM
Universe Of Sound (feat Kristi Lomax - original mix) - (7:06) 122 BPM
Doug Dastardly (original mix) - (7:50) 127 BPM
You Should Be Dubbing (original mix) - (5:49) 125 BPM
Dougswana (original mix) - (7:56) 127 BPM
Dancing To The Beat (original mix) - (5:41) 124 BPM
Two Tons Of Doug (original mix) - (7:47) 128 BPM
Doug's Place (original mix) - (6:34) 128 BPM
Dancin' (original mix) - (8:03) 128 BPM
Doug Ya Wanna Boogie (original mix) - (7:54) 124 BPM
Think (original mix) - (5:40) 124 BPM
Disco Owl (original mix) - (4:39) 122 BPM
Tonight's The Night (Sensory Elements mix) - (5:43) 123 BPM
Dougswana (Audiowhores mix) - (6:33) 127 BPM
You & I (Timmy Vegas B'ham Housin Authority mix) - (6:24) 126 BPM
Don't Want You Back (J Paul Getto's Doesn't Want Anything To Do With You Anymore mix) - (6:14) 126 BPM
Spread Love (Alex Kenji Future Disco mix) - (6:25) 125 BPM
Skate Dancer (Dr Packer remix) - (7:44) 121 BPM
Crystal Lover (Re-Tide & Moon Rocket remix) - (6:11) 122 BPM
Feel It (Alex Kenji remix) - (6:30) 128 BPM
Review: Shockingly, 11 years has passed since Dave Lee released his sole album under the disco-powered Doug Willis alias, "Doug's Disco Brain". The two CD set featured versions of cuts he'd released under the pseudonym over the previous 15 years. Here it comes to digital download in newly expanded form, with the original set - a mixture of tidy instrumental re-edits, sample-fired disco-house cuts and typically boisterous peak-time groovers - being accompanied by various new, rare and forgotten remixes. With 32 high quality tracks to wade through, picking highlights is tough, though our favourites include the percussion and horn-heavy "You Should Be Dubbing", the soaring disco-house brilliance of "Doug's Place", the silly-but-sensational "Disco Owl" and the Clavinet-happy brilliance of the Re-Tide & Moon Rocket Remix of "Crystal Lover".
03 May 19
from $1.49
Fly Away - (5:19) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
I'll Be There - (5:54) 122 BPM
Some Day - (5:44) 122 BPM
Review: Crackazat returns to Dave Lee's Z Records with a second volume of this unique EP series, which sees the Swedish-based Bristolian producer (real name Ben J Worrall) plundering the label archives for accapellas and creating new tracks around them. Fly Away features the vox from the Sunburst Band's 2004 cut, and is arguably more of a cover version than a new creation. I'll Be There opens with light percussion and a hefty but understated walking bass line, before bursting into life with chorus'd vox and gloriously 90's sounding chords, while Some Day comes on like a lost gem from the early days of Nice N' Ripe.
ZEDD 12271
26 Apr 19
from $1.49
Together (Right Now) (JN Tribute To Randy Muller) - (8:40) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Together (Right Now) (JN Raw Uncut mix) - (7:16) 120 BPM
Together (Right Now) (instrumental) - (8:38) 120 BPM
Together (Right Now) (accapella) - (4:38) 120 BPM
Review: If you hadn't already guessed, Lakeshore Commission is another alias of Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro, a producer who has had more pseudonyms over the years than we've had hot dinners. "Together (Right Now)" is a tribute to legendary disco-era bassist, producer and arranger Randy Muller, a man best known for heading up Brass Construction, Skyy and Funk Deluxe. As you'd expect, Lee is on the money, utilizing vocals, synths, bass, electric piano chords and crunchy drums that recall the multi-talented artist's late 1970s heyday. Lee also offers three alternative versions: a tidy Instrumental, a handy Acapella and the "JN Raw Uncut Mix", which layers up additional percussion whilst allowing the original instrumentation room to breathe.
ZEDD 12273
05 Apr 19
from $1.49
We Go Together (Joey Negro Club mix) - (6:18) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
We Go Together (Joey Negro Groove Style dub) - (5:46) 120 BPM
We Go Together (Joey Negro instrumental) - (6:18) 120 BPM
Review: Raquel Rodriguez's "We Go Together" was first featured on the soul singer's self-released 2018 mini-album "The 310, Part 2". Z Records boss Dave Lee heard it and decided it would benefit from a disco-fired soulful house makeover from his artistic alter ego, Joey Negro. The results are naturally impressive. The "Club Mix" is particularly potent, with Lee wrapping Rodriguez's brilliant vocals around a bustling backing track rich in razor-sharp disco strings, elastic jazz-funk bass, funky guitar licks and sparkling synthesizer flourishes. It comes accompanied by a disco-tastic instrumental take and the fantastic "Groove Style Dub", which simplifies things a little and rightly emphasizes the rubbery jazz-funk bassline.
ZEDD 12272
15 Mar 19
from $1.49
Moment Of My Life (JN Closer To The Source mix) - (10:10) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Moment Of My Life (JN Dubwise Re-Organ-ization) - (6:44) 121 BPM
Review: Bobby D'Ambrosia and Michelle Weeks' 1997 U.S garage cover of Inner Life disco classic "Moment of My Life" was an enormous club hit in 1997, spawning a swathe of remixes that variously re-cast the track as an early UK garage bumper and a German disco-house stomper. Here Joey Negro finally gets his chance to rework the track and takes it back to the source, re-imagining it as a turn-of-the-'80s disco-boogie cut closer in sound, feel and execution to Inner Life's superb original version. Alongside the sprightly, musically rich vocal version (the "Closer To The Source Take") the Z Records chief has also offered up a killer, NYC 1985 style proto-house dub smothered in echo-laden vocal snippets and wild organ solos.
ZEDD 12269
01 Feb 19
from $1.49
Patrice Rushen - "Never Gonna Give You Up" (Joey Negro Re-Grooved mix) - (6:02) 120 BPM
JKriv & Adeline - "Vertigo" (original mix) - (6:53) 122 BPM
D.C. LaRue - "Cathedrals" (JKriv dub) - (6:32) 120 BPM
Doug Willis - "Doug's Disco Theme" (original mix) - (7:19) 120 BPM
Yam Who?, Jaegerossa & Jacqui George - "Grateful" (Tweaked mix) - (6:16) 125 BPM
The APX - "Sweet Surrender" (Joey Negro Re-Arrangement) - (6:18) 120 BPM
Janet Kay - "Eternally Grateful" (Unreleased dub mix) - (8:57) 121 BPM
Joey Negro - "Distorting Space Time" (Ron Trent remix) - (8:51) 122 BPM
D.C. LaRue - "Overture" (Folamour Orchestra mix) - (6:54) 117 BPM
Joey Negro - "Love Hangover" (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Disco Blend) - (6:44) 121 BPM
Doug Willis - "Skate Dancer" (Dr Packer remix) - (7:44) 121 BPM
Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (Joey Negro 2am Disco Reprise) - (6:55) 121 BPM
Mistura & Bridgett Grace - "Love To The Limit" (Shur-i-kan Zanzibar dub) - (6:26) 123 BPM
Detroit Rising - "Little Bit" (Sean McCabe remix) - (6:32) 123 BPM
Prospect Park - "Till You Surrender" (DJ Fudge Disco mix) - (7:01) 123 BPM
Al McKay Allstars - "Heed The Message" (Joey Negro extended instrumental) - (7:24) 120 BPM
Carlos Romanos - "1 2 1" (Doug Willis Raw edit) - (5:15) 124 BPM
Wardell Piper - "The Power Of Love" (Joey Negro Power Of The Boogie mix) - (6:16) 118 BPM
Banzai - "Runaway" (original mix) - (3:44) 117 BPM
Cache - "Jazzin' & Cruisin'" (original mix) - (5:07) 140 BPM
Songhoi Band - "Africa Africa" (Faze Action edit) - (4:50) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: If you missed any of Z Records most potent releases this year, do not fear: boss man Joey Negro has brought together all of the label's best bits on one handy, plus-sized compilation. There's another chance to savour the Escort style Brooklyn disco revivalism of J Kriv and Adeline's "Vertigo", Sean McCabe's smooth and soulful rework of Detroit Rising and Ron Trent's impeccably musically rich remix of Joey Negro's "Distorting Space Time". Synth-fired boogie goodness is also provided via a superb "Unreleased Dub" of Janet Kay's 1980s gem "Eternally Grateful" and a brilliant Joey Negro rework of the APX, while soaring, string-laden disco hits are dotted throughout the compilation. If you dig disco, house and boogie, you need this in your life.
14 Dec 18
from $1.49
Grateful (Tweaked mix) - (6:16) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Grateful (original mix) - (5:59) 125 BPM
Review: Re-edit veterans Yam Who? team up with Preston soulful/disco-house duo Jaegerossa for this EP on Dave Lee's Z Records label, with two mixes of 'Grateful' on offer. The Original is quite a happy-clappy affair, sporting a gospel chorus and a lead vocal from Jacqui George while brass and strings help to keep the energy up. The accompanying Tweaked Mix isn't hugely different, truth be told, but does strip the sound palette back a little to let the percussion shine through. Expect to be hearing this a lot in the specialist soulful house clubs for the next little while...
ZEDD 12268
23 Nov 18
from $1.49
Joey Negro/Various
The Fatback Band - "(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop" (Joey Negro London Bus Stop mix) - (6:18) 111 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Booker T - "Don't Stop Your Love" (Joey Negro Paradise mix) - (7:58) 121 BPM
LTD - "Love To The World" (Joey Negro Mizell Magic mix) - (8:32) 118 BPM
Ashford & Simpson - "Found A Cure" (Joey Negro Found A dub mix) - (6:42) 122 BPM
Eddie Kendricks - "Going Up In Smoke" (Joey Negro Big Smoke mix) - (9:33) 118 BPM
Patrice Rushen - "Never Gonna Give You Up" (Joey Negro Re-Grooved mix) - (5:46) 120 BPM
The Temptations - "Law Of The Land" (Joey Negro Tribute To Norman Whitfield) - (8:30) 115 BPM
Venus Dodson - "Shining" (Joey Negro Tribute To Leroy Burgess mix) - (8:18) 125 BPM
Brenda Russell - "Way Back When" (Joey Negro extended Disco mix) - (6:56) 120 BPM
DC LaRue - "Cathedrals" (Joey Negro extended Disco mix) - (9:52) 120 BPM
Gwen McCrae - "Doin It" (Joey Negro Soulful Reprise) - (6:13) 110 BPM
Change - "Love 4 Love" (Joey Negro extended remix) - (6:37) 116 BPM
Motown Sounds - "Bad Mouthin'" (Joey Negro Raw Disco mix) - (7:52) 125 BPM
Slave - "Party Lites" (Joey Negro Boogiefied mix) - (6:43) 115 BPM
Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (Joey Negro 2am Disco Reprise) - (6:55) 121 BPM
Mass Production - "Shante" (Joey Negro Cosmic Funk mix) - (9:46) 124 BPM
Sister Sledge - "You Fooled Around" (Joey Negro Fooled Around with mix) - (7:08) 118 BPM
Al McKay Allstars - "Heed The Message" (Joey Negro remix) - (7:24) 120 BPM
Margaret Reynolds - "Keep On Holding On" (Joey Negro Play Out edit) - (6:36) 123 BPM
Wardell Piper - "The Power Of Love" (Joey Negro Power Of The Boogie mix) - (6:16) 118 BPM
Melba Moore - "Anyway" (Joey Negro Second Way) - (6:51) 122 BPM
The APX - "Lose Yourself To The Groove" (Joey Negro Future Boogie edit) - (6:58) 108 BPM
Review: By now, we should all know what to expect from each new album in Joey Negro's "Remixed With Love" series, namely fantastic new revisions of classic disco, boogie, soul, electro and jazz-funk classics created using the original multi-track tapes. This third volume naturally contains a few inspired revisions of well-known cuts - a riotous take on The Fatback Band's "Do The Bus Stop", an astonishing, dubbed-out version of the Temptations' "Law of the Land" and a soaring, life-affirming rearrangement of Patrice Rushen's "Never Give You Up" included - but also some suitably smart tweaks of lesser-known gems. These include a sublime revision of the APX's '80s gem "Loose Yourself To The Groove" and an insatiable take on Mass Production's "Shante" full of jammed-out electric piano solos and rubbery electric bass.
16 Nov 18
from $1.49
Never Gonna Give You Up (Joey Negro Re-Grooved mix) - (6:02) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Never Gonna Give You Up (Joey Negro Re-Grooved instrumental) - (6:34) 120 BPM
Review: Though not as celebrated as some of its contemporaries, Patrice Rushen's 1980 single "Never Gonna Give You Up" is undoubtedly a breezy, sweet-as-sugar disco treat. It arguably didn't need remixing, though if there's one man guaranteed to give it a great makeover it's housemaster turned disco don Joey Negro. He delivers killer vocal and instrumental versions, both of which give more prominence to the original beats, killer bassline, spacey synths and horns, waiting to introduce the sweeping orchestration - a dominant feature of Rushen's 1980 version - until the later stages of the track. They're the kind of mixes Tom Moulton may have produced back in the day, and there's no higher praise for a disco remixer than that.
ZEDD 12267
26 Oct 18
from $1.49
Vertigo - (6:53) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Vertigo (dub) - (5:48) 122 BPM
Review: If this sounds like the work of NYC disco band Escort, there's a very good reason - both the producer "JKriv" and guest vocalist, Adeline, are both members of the band. The good news is that "Vertigo" is every bit as good as Escort's finest moments (think "Starlight", "Love in Indigo", "A Bright New Life" etc.), with Adeline providing a stellar vocal atop JKriv's killer bassline, pianos, strings and Nile Rodgers style guitars. The accompanying "Dub" rework is naturally a little heavier and more arpeggio-driven, with JKriv making great use of carefully placed dub delays and cosmic noises.
ZEDD 12266
12 Oct 18
from $1.49
Sweet Surrender (Joey Negro Re-Arrangement) - (6:18) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lose Yourself To The Groove (Joey Negro Future Boogie edit) - (6:58) 108 BPM
Sweet Surrender (Joey Negro dub Re-Arrangement) - (5:05) 120 BPM
Lose Yourself To The Groove (Joey Negro Future Boogie instrumental) - (7:02) 108 BPM
Review: As the title suggests, this tasty EP sees Z Records boss Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro get his hands on two popular cuts by contemporary American electrofunk outfit The APX. Lee does a particularly impressive job on "Sweet Surrender", first laying down a club-ready '80s soul style vocal revision full of elastic synth-bass, Jam and Lewis chords and Midnight Starr guitar hooks, before delivering a sparse, groove-driven and delay-laden Dub that's so authentic to the duo's 1980s inspirations that it could have been released by Solar Records in 1984. The same could arguably be said about the slower and even more loved-up flex of Lee's "Future Boogie" mix of "Lose Yourself To The Groove", which is available in both vocal and instrumental flavours.
ZEDD 12265
06 Sep 18
from $1.49
Distorting Space Time (Ron Trent remix) - (8:51) 122 BPM
Distorting Space Time (Joey Negro Space Funk mix) - (7:09) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Distorting Space Time (Fouk remix) - (6:51) 122 BPM
Distorting Space Time (original album mix) - (8:37) 122 BPM
Review: Less than a month after Joey Negro dropped the original version of "Distorting Space Time" - a Lonnie Liston-Smith inspired chunk of intergalactic party disco rich in trippy instrumentation - as part of the vinyl-only Space Time EP, we're treated to a digital edition containing a trio of tasty reworks. Top of the pile is deep house don Ron Trent's sublime revision, which is not only typically warm, woozy and percussion rich, but also makes great use of dub delays and Joey Nergo's spacey FX. Elsewhere, Fouk successfully breaks up the beats on a formidably jazzy and bass-heavy interpretation, while Negro's own "Space Funk" take sits somewhere between luscious turn-of-the-80s jazz-funk and starlit electrofunk. The producer's use of crunchy Clavinet lines and talkbox scat vocals is particularly alluring.
ZEDD 12264
24 Aug 18
from $1.49
Joey Negro/Various
D.C. LaRue - "Cathedrals" (Joey Negro extended Disco mix) - (10:09) 120 BPM
Carlos Romanos - "1 2 1" (Doug Willis Raw edit - album Exclusive) - (5:15) 124 BPM
Prospect Park - "Till You Surrender" (DJ Fudge Disco mix) - (7:01) 123 BPM
Harvey Mason - "Groovin You" (Joey Negro Masons Revenge mix - album Exclusive) - (8:09) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mistura & Bridgett Grace - "Love To The Limit" (Shur-i-kan Club mix) - (6:20) 123 BPM
Andy Daniell - "In The Groove" (vocal mix - album Exclusive) - (7:18) 126 BPM
Doug Willis - "Risky Biznizz" (Joey Negro Bionic House mix) - (6:46) 122 BPM
Sweet Touch - "Live It Up" (feat Jocelyn Brown - DJ Friendly edit - album Exclusive) - (5:57) 125 BPM
Detroit Rising - "Little Bit" (Sean McCabe remix) - (6:32) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Latican Boogie" (Crackazat remix) - (6:24) 122 BPM
Al McKay Allstars - "Heed The Message" (Joey Negro extended mix) - (7:24) 120 BPM
Joey Negro - "Love Hangover" (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Disco Blend) - (6:44) 121 BPM
Julian Sanza & Andre Espeut - "Perfect System" (Opolopo remix - album Exclusive) - (6:02) 120 BPM
Paul Murphy & Marc Woolford Project - "Jazz Room" (original mix - album Exclusive) - (7:14) 127 BPM
Secret Sounds - "Saturday Night" (original mix) - (6:04) 127 BPM
Joey Negro & Horse Meat Disco & Angela Johnson - "Dancing Into The Stars" (feat Angela Johnson -Horse Meat Disco dub Wise vocal Mix- album Exclusive) - (6:41) 120 BPM
Oscar Perry - "Body Movements" (original mix) - (8:28) 131 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "Sitting On Top Of The World" (DJ Meme remix) - (6:53) 126 BPM
Cookie - "Best Part Of Me" (original mix) - (10:11) 121 BPM
Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (The original Disco instrumental) - (7:34) 121 BPM
D.C. LaRue - "Do You Want The Real Thing?" (Ron Basejam's Main Rub) - (7:31) 100 BPM
Doug Willis - "Crystal Lover" (Re-Tide & Moon Rocket remix) - (6:11) 122 BPM
Michele Claire - "In The Bush" (original mix) - (6:33) 121 BPM
Joey Negro - "Why" (Hot Toddy Club mix) - (6:26) 115 BPM
27 Jul 18
from $1.49


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