5PIN MEDIA - House MIDI Phat Pack Vol 2 (Sample Pack MIDI) (Front Cover)
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Product Information:

Pure MIDI, the whole MIDI and nothing but MIDI. 5Pin Media unleashes Volume 2 of the Phatest House MIDI compilation in sample history.

All the music and bass MIDI files from Deep House Piano, Deep House Bass, Deep House Bass2,Nu Jack House, Deep House Groove Elements, Deep Progressive House, Bass House and Garage Keys and House of Sylenth made available in one SUPER PHAT compilation.

Bursting with no less than 1035 MIDI files, across a variety of musical elements ready to quench your thirst for booty shaking bass grooves and infectious melodies that shout HOUSE. True to form, all of the included files are clearly named with musical key information for easy browsing and quick selection.

Here are just a few examples of how flexible and versatile MIDI is:
You find the perfect MIDI bassline in the key of Am, but want it in Gm...Easy, just transpose the MIDI down 2 semi-tones and Gm it is. Now you find that some of the notes falling on the kick are too loud...reduce the note velocity and adjust velocity sensitivity on your synth preset to suit. Lastly, some of the bass note tails are overlapping and clashing with the melody.....shorten the offending MIDI notes to sit perfectly with the melody.

5Pin Media: Flexible Creative Professional Sampleware.

Please Note: Demos are from the full title releases, not all sounds will be included in this product.

Tech Specs
Deep House Piano: 200 MIDI Files
Deep House Bass: 117 MIDI Files
Deep House Bass2: 152 MIDI Files
Nu Jack House: 141 Midi Files
Deep House Groove Elements: 103 MIDI Files
Deep Progressive House: 100 MIDI Files
Bass House and Garage Keys: 158 MIDI Files
House of Sylenth: 64 MIDI FIles

Royalty-free lifetime license

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