TOURETTES, Al - Swan Sketch EP (Front Cover)
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With but a select few releases to his name, you get the feeling Al Tourettes is still only just shedding light on what he has to offer musically. This EP for the newly invigorated BaseLogic label (from the team behind the mighty Bloc Weekender) offers up four fresh cuts of Al's mutant electro-funk, and it's instantly clear that his sound could dart off in any number of directions in the near future. The devil is in the details, so they say, and on "Swan's Sketch" the cumulative elements all feed into the tension that the melodics spell out. "Universed" makes things a touch more straightforward, employing a classic synth approach that wouldn't feel out of place on an Underground Resistance record, while the beat snaps and pounds for maximum physical response. Once again taking the direct approach, "Badger" keeps things a little restrained - relatively speaking - as an insanely catchy bass line and crisp-as-you-like snare provide the focus. Having been somewhat off the radar for a while, it's good to see Datasette back in action to offer up a remix of "Swan's Sketch". While his clean and fulsome production ways are still intact, his groove has somewhat staggered itself, as the beat strafes uncontrollably, leaving you to try and play catch up.

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