TYRELL, Alden - Rush (Front Cover)
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The name Alden Tyrell will be more familiar to long term advocates of the Clone Empire rather than those who might have been introduced to the myriad of Dutch labels in recent times by EPs from Untold and Blawan. That's mostly because the Dutch legend hasn't exactly been active of late in the old releasing records game, preferring to slip out the odd remix or concentrate on mammoth tasks like remastering the back catalogue of Drexciya for Clone. Those not so familiar with Tyrell could do worse than change that by starting with the two heaving slabs of monolithic techno that make up this mammoth contribution to the Clone Basement Series! There's a touch of Fachwerk to the growling tunnel-like groove of "Rush" which is offset by the rising key stabs which no doubt helped influence the title, while the excellently named "Tntus" sounds like it would consume your every last sense in the perfect environment - a dark, cramped basement with little light and plenty of speaker racks.

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