VIVANCO, Alejandro/DORIAN CHAVEZ/MAE/MOBIUS STRUM - San Jose Del Mar EP (Front Cover)
8BIT 050
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A number of different influences come together on San Jose Del Mar. In the case of Alejandro Vivanco & Dorian Chavez's "Ghost in the Machine", it's the rolling rhythms of London tech-house, the metallic, whiplash percussion of new school techno and the stepping rhythms of UK bass. "Walfkfunk" takes its cues from a less diverse set of influences, but here too the stabbing keys and vocal snippets sound like they are derived from early noughties minimal house, set to a contemporary rolling groove. Meanwhile, Chavez' tracks with Mobius Strum focus on modern tool house rhythms, but with a difference; "MAE" is pepper with insistent vocal snippets and the muffled vocals and acidic tinges of "Rainforest" are more exciting than the standard DJ fare.

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