NONAMAKA, Allan - Not Unlike Chaos EP (Front Cover)
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It's heartening that the move back towards hard techno has focused on Birmingham and occasionally Detroit rather than the dead-end loop sound of the late 90s. Happily, Nonamaka takes inspiration from these classic approaches on Chaos. "Tangled Cravings" is a hell for leather slice of dense Birmingham techno, somewhat less oppressive than early Surgeon and Regis, but still not to be underestimated. "Solitude of Silence" and the Voidloss remixes of "Silence" and "Cravings" are more in keeping with modern sounds thanks to their stepping rhythms and lunging basslines, but the release highlights are "Impure Desire" and "Look with Fear", the kind of distorted kick drum-led analogue techno that Jeff Mills excelled at during the early to mid-90s.

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