ANCIENT METHODS/ORPHX - Eschaton EP (Front Cover)
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When it comes to techno, can it get any more serious than a collaboration between Ancient Methods and Orphx released on rock hard Belgian label Token? Well yes, as soon as you hear the music is does. "Age Of Iron" sounds like the sub-aqueous dub of Rich Oddie exchanging blows with an armoury of Ancient Methods percussion, while "Degenerate" is proper, rigid and heads down techno funnelled through a tubular filter. "Kali" features the same type of rolling rhythm, stop-start loops as what's heard throughout Regis' early work, only the frequency spectrums are sculpted to form a musical production, even though this is industrial techno, while "Seven Signs" croaks, clinks, and jangles like shackles scraping against concrete, sounding like something designed for dungeon clubbing - and, we might add, it's worth powering through the sonic malevolence for the drum breakdown alone.

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