ANSTAM/MONOLAKE - Dolores/VT 100 (Front Cover)
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Talk about going out in style. Modeselektor's label's prolonged death continues in style with two ex-cellent tracks from Germany's finest experimentalists. Lars 'Anstam' Stoewe has been a regular on the label since 2011, and this latest effort is one of his finest recordings for 50 Weapons. Clocking in at ten minutes, "Dolores" is a teased out groove that resonates to creepy wind chimes and ponder-ous, heavy bass, creating a chilling, atmospheric effect. It couldn't be further removed than some of the clubby releases on the label. Then it's the turn of Robert Henke. One of the architects of modern techno as Monolake, "VT 100" is all splurging, corrosive bass, twitchy drums and insistent, nagging percussion. It's a fitting swan song, but not, one suspects the last we'll hear from this label.

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