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Give My Love

Art Of Tones/Inaya Day - Give My Love
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Art Of Tones/Inaya Day - Give My Love

Art Of Tones / Inaya Day

Give My Love

Glitterbox Recordings

Cat: 826194 641290
Genre: Funky/Club House
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"Give My Love" is a remarkable collaboration between French maestro Art Of Tones and the highly acclaimed artist Inaya Day, released on the esteemed record label Glitterbox. Art Of Tones, an alias of the longstanding producer Ludovic Llorca, has established a reputation for his edgier house and disco work. The result is a collaboration that exudes the essence of modern disco, with a strong focus on Inaya's powerful vocals and expert songwriting, complemented by Art Of Tones' impeccable instrumentation. The track is a burst of energy, filled with captivating grooves, soulful melodies, and irresistible rhythm. Inaya's vocals soar effortlessly over the lush instrumentation, creating an unforgettable and uplifting auditory experience.

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Art Of Tones / Inaya DayGlitterbox Recordings
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