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Here You Come EP

AZUNI - Here You Come EP


Here You Come EP

Drumpoet Community Switzerland

Cat: DPC 027-1
Genre: Deep House
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Switzerland based label Drumpoet Community is grabbing the attention of the deep house world at the moment, following a string of impressive releases. Next up is the Zurich based duo, Azuni, whose "Here You Come EP" stands as a clear example of why the label is enjoying so much success lately.

Gianni Siravo and Sven Lacoste have both been around individually for some time. However, it is as the joined force of Azuni that they have enjoyed the most recognition. 2008?s debut album, City Look, released on Agnès? Sthlmaudio imprint introduced the duo to the house world in style. Now, their debut release on Drumpoet Community is looking to propel them further into the limelight with two big, groovy tracks of Detroit influenced house that are stripped down to the max.

"Here You Come" sees simple and pumping grooves build from the ever present riff. It twists and turns in hypnotic fashion, with swirling melodies cushioned by warm synthesizer pads. The hushed vocal takes you straight back inside the warehouses of early days of Detroit, completing that authentic old school sound that resides throughout this record. "Believe?s" vocal is from a similar vein. At first it stabs away in disjointed fashion, but as the track builds it develops into full lines of speech. The track is a slower, jacking number, once again built around a simple riff. The two note organ motif keeps the simplicity and the deep kick drum adds the bumping house sound that lends itself to the earlier part of the night where the dancefloor begins to build nicely.

As Drumpoet Community's reputation for quality house continues to grow, so too does Azuni?s production talents. If the "Here You Come EP" is anything to go by, we can be sure that there is plenty more to come from both label and artist.

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AzuniDrumpoet Community Switzerland
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