BURT COPE - Call My Name EP (Front Cover)
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New to the game, Burt Cope is turning all the right heads and after listening to this EP you'll understand why 'Call My Name' is a glorious mix of elements of UKG from the heavily house influenced past, to the more modern sound of grime and bassline. 'Jank' has a northern Bassline heart but is decorated with sounds and effects which feel at home in big room house, the vocal is completely tongue in cheek and full of the fun flavour of old school garage. 'Fiya' is based around a simple 4/4 and mixes the best elements of musical garage with the more synthetic sound of the darker side of the scene. As the name suggests 'Rude Boi' draws more elements from grime, with violins and sirens adding texture but influences are just as varied as the rest of this fantastic EP

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