Chewy Rubs - Focus
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Chewy Rubs - Focus

Chewy Rubs



Cat: BAN 054
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
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A slightly mysterious release here from UK house and disco stalwart Chewy Rubs. Why mysterious? Because if you Google the lyrics (sample: "I stare at the blank walls until they become movie screens, giving me a front row seat to the world... I focus"), you'll find them quoted in full in several places on the internet - but none of those places say where they've come from, so answers on a postcard please! Regardless of the source of the vocal/lyric, 'Focus' in its Reefa Vox Bump form is a serviceable lil' deep house chugger in trademark Rubs style, while the Cosmic Dub very kindly describes itself so yours truly doesn't have to!

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