CISCO CISCO - Higher (Front Cover)
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This big disco release sees Portuguese duo Cisco Cisco return to Apersonal Music, complete with a remix from the legendary Greg Wilson. "Higher" is a slow moving number with a classic feel, but it's the jagged guitar samples that give the whole thing its jerky energy. The Greg Wilson version of "Higher" will go down well with many, taking the pushing the guitars to the back of the mix, and replacing their jumpy movement with some staccato rap samples, placed firmly in the foreground. It shouldn't work, but in Wilson's hands it does, adding an incredible new mood to the track. "Brothers in Arms" treads similarly deep ground with its cowbell led rhythm and snipped yet ecstatic vocal samples. This digital version also features a remix not on the vinyl pressing, which is perhaps the best track on the release. Kaspar & Vahagn remix "Brothers in Arms", adding a slightly techier element with a buzzing arpeggio running throughout and squelchy bassline that runs underneath layers of electrifying pads.

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