CMC & SILENTA feat BADKAT/VANESSA IRACI - The Night Is Mine: Feature Breaks Vol 3 (Front Cover)
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Sometimes, you don't need bowel-bothering basslines of pulverising breaks to kickstart a party. That's certainly the view of the Feature Breaks crew. Here, they deliver a shuffling, funk-fuelled disco-breaks belter with an absurdly catchy vocal and dancefloor-bating female raps. The original is arguably the standout, but it's joined by averitable skipload of remixes. There's a loose wobbler from DJ AKA, a tough funk workout from Funkanomics and a more organic-sounding roller from Zamali. As if that wasn't enough, there's also an acapella, various instrumentals and two versions of bonus cut "Big Up Booty", a ragga-breaks cut that comes complete with hectic vocals and just the right amount of funk flavour.

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