CONFORCE - Autonomous (Front Cover)
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Inspired by the harbour and industrial city scapes of his home town of Rotterdam, Autonomous is Boris Bunnik aka Conforce's most austere album yet. "Tidal Gateway" and "Fauna Of Estuaries" set the tone for the release with their ticking, disconnected percussion, dark bass and menacing sonic undercurrents. "Inland Current" sees the Dutch producer take influence from Norwegian pioneer Biosphere, creating a dark ambient sound scape, while on "ECCV Quay", Bunnik displays a somewhat lighter side as a chugging rhythm is fused with hissing electronic textures. There is also some dance floor techno on Autonomous, courtesy of the deep grooving "Harnessed Life In Programmed Form", but in the main, it focuses on the bleak, machine whirr of industrial automation.

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