CTRLS - Charge (Front Cover)
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Take a step back and assess the output from Token over recent times and you get the impression label boss Kr!z is fixing for them to become Belgium's answer to Ostgut Ton. Already this year, Token have debuted the Eschaton collaboration between Ancient Methods and Orphx's Rich Oddie, and had Rodhad and Robert Hood remix O [Phase] with an Inigo Kennedy LP on the way too! Before that Token call on Rrose and Rich Oddie to add some remix heat to the second CTRLS release of 2014, with stunning results! "Charge" finds Troels B. Knudsen in particularly nightmarish form with a production that's dominated by the searing tonal riff, whilst Rrose's remix reinforces his reputation for nihilistic big room techno. Orphx's Oddie reduces his version that focuses on self-modulating rhythms, caustic atmospherics and squealing effects.

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