NHK'KOYXEN - Dance Classics Vol II (Front Cover)
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Kouhei Matsunaga has an illustrious career in experimental frequencies behind him, having first appeared on Mille Plateaux back in 1998 and collaborating with such heavyweights as Merzbow. On this second instalment of Dance Classics, the Osaka-born producer tackles more of his brink-teetering dancefloor cuts across a range of tempos and rhythms. Tracks such as "703" and "670" stalk on broken beats, ringing and humming with distortion but locked to a stout groove. Elsewhere there's plenty of leftfield techno malevolence to be found on tracks such as the looping peak-time bomb "112" or the drunken freakout of "101" with its slippery bass and echoing droplets of melody. It's an album that takes you to a wild, exciting concoction of new headspaces without compromising on the function of dance music.

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