ORAM, Daphne/ANDREA PARKER/DAZ QUAYLE - Private Dreams & Public Nightmares (Front Cover)
AP 003
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With Radiophonic Workshop founder Daphne Oram receiving renewed interest thanks to the Science Museum's purchase of the Oramics machine, there's no better time for Andrea Parker's Aperture label to release this intriguing collection of Oram reworkings. Together with Daz Quayle, they take Oram's minimalist, haunted compositions and add further layers of intrigue. The scene is set with an interview of Oram on Woman's Hour, contrasted by string and drone arrangement - further tracks, such as "Frightened Of Myself" and "Now & Always Here" create sandblasted, clattering wastelands out of the source material, whilst "Trepidation" and "Oddments" opt for a minimalist approach, but whatever the result, the result always illuminates Oram's unique contributions in a fascinating new light.

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