CARRETTA, David/WORKERPOOR - Electronic Warfare EP (Front Cover)
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Wouldn't it be really cool if David Carretta and David Guetta had a fight? They're both French, they're both called David; let's make this happen! Or, alternatively, we could just get freaky to this proper heads down nostalgia session from Carretta and his co-pilot Workpoor. Yeah, that's probably a better pastime. Especially as these tracks are pretty monstrous! "1991" is effectively a time machine, whisking back to dodgy warehouses, even dodgier haircuts and simple-but-massively-effective acid house. "Body Control" is on a similar flex but with added hardcore stabs, a tearing bassline and wondrous 8-bit stabs. That leaves us time for just one more darkroom retrospective; "Electronic Warfare" drops the tempo and ups the acid for real toothgrinder of a wig out. See those lasers? Reach for them. Now!

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