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Decoy Linzatti are back with "Gomit Shin" on Stockholm Ltd. In 2006 the Linzatti brothers definitely defined a new era of Swedish electronic music. Staffan and his older brother Mathias is truly pushing the barriers of healthy living with their hunt for new sounds and new ways to perform. They eat, sleep and, for sure, breath Swedish techno music?

To follow up the great success of Staffan's "Monikers" release he now teams up with his brother Mathias for this split project. The title track "Gomit shin" is their first track produced together. And this twelve minute track is, twelve minutes of future, twelve minutes of innovation, twelve minutes of what techno is all about! On the flip they have one spot each. Mathias gives us a real dancefloor peak with his "Quasar" while Staffan's "Jaralaacs C" moves more in after-hours madness.

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