DETBOI - Secrets (Front Cover)
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Dublin mandem Detboi returns to Headz exactly a year since his last release on the label (and last release full stop) with another tempo-flexing ride into the deepest corners of jungle past, present and future. While the last EP settled around the 130 mark, this one sees him taking the plunge into the 170 zone with mind-melting results as both "Secret Venom" and "Claws" lick, switch and shatter as if he'd been making it for 20+ years. Those keen on his more traditional vibes will be all over the equally gnarly, unpredictable, often-unnerving "Skin Deep", "Raw" and "Fragile". Icy, moody and twisted beyond any shapes known to mankind, no one is doing it quite like Detboi right now...

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