DISTORTION - Battle Your Head EP (Front Cover)
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Distortion aka James Myatt comes from Chicago, but on Head, it sounds like he feels more attached to the legacy of European techno. "Throwback" provides the most obvious reference to continental influences, with its gentle melodies, chiming bells and vocal refrain of "to the sound of the underground" coming across like a mixture between Efdemin's intricacy and Superpitcher's breathy seduction. "Ocean Floor" opts for a subtle approach as well, but its pulsing bass and reverberating claps mean that it doesn't shy from the dancefloor either. Myatt changes tact on the title track and finally pays tribute to his home town's heroes: its niggling bass and fragile synths are lifted straight from the Larry Heard textbook, while its acid vapour trail is inspired by Armando.

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