DJ FOOD - The Illectrik Hoax (Front Cover)
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Do you ever watch old Woodstock footage and think 'wow, we'll never, ever be as cool as our skinny, long haired, glorious moustachioed hippy forefathers'? If the answer is yes, head immediately to The Amorphous Adrogynous's Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble remix for 17 minutes of total sonic oblivion. Jethro Tull style flutes a go-go, huge tub-thumping drums, wild organ riffs, distorted bass and wizardly guitar solos, it's an incredible piece of music that would make our Woodstock ancestors cry with envy. If your answer to our initial question was 'no', then do not panic - there are two other versions that last a more conventional six minutes, but they pack an equally funky, organic, air-guitar-inducing punch. There's also a great cover of The The's "Giant" on here too. DJ Food at his finest.

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