Car Car Car Pt 1

International DeeJay Gigolo

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Genre: Electro
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Helmut Josef Geier, also known as the rampant DJ Hell, has been a Berlin mainstay since the early 90s, and he's among the few artists to have always remained in a state of flux. We don't mean that he's reinvented himself at the arrival of every new subgenre, far from it; Hell has always been a producer who offers a wide and playful range of house and techno, often guided by wacky samples from all corners of the scene. Fittingly, International Deejay Gigolo is his own imprint, and this new four-tracker comes at a perfect time; the scene is undefined and explorative at the moment, so a tune like "Car Car Car" is EXACTLY what our charts need for a little refresh - Kraftwerkian synths blend ever so well with a mid-tempo beat made of steely drums and balearic charm. The three remixes add to the feast: Roman Flugel's version breaks the groove down and adds an added layer of computer voices to the mix, while Phil Kieran's first version, the Autobahn mix, offers a speedy club re-imagination, while the Drum remix strips the whole thing down to a driving pile of machine noise. Excellent.

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