DJ TRE - The Underdogg EP (Front Cover)
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  1.  04:00 80
  2.  03:48 80
  3.  03:20 80
  4.  04:00 80
  5.  04:12 80
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DJ Tre has, indeed, been a strong presence on our juke and footwork charts over recent years, bt this debut for London's Hyperdub has just pushed him that one step closer to the full-blown limelight. While the man's music speaks for himself, a glitchy, stripped-back style of drum-machine soul, he needed to land on a label with that sort of exposure and intensity, and given the scene's sprawl into all things hybrid, it also came at the right time. From "A Hammond Jam" to "The Robot Malfunction" we're struggling to think of who else is making this sort of dystopian dance music at the moment and, with DJ Rashad's recent passing (RIP), it could just tip DJ Tre onto the big dog's table. Watch out for this guy, and go easy with these dancefloor killerz!

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