DROID SECTOR - Slenderman EP (Front Cover)
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Having flirted with various on-point labels over the last six months, Aussie dark-stepper Droid Sector (real name Tom) has found his spiritual home on Paradise Lost; a label known for subverting the deep formula with altogether beefier, more confrontational jams. "Slenderman" is a rough-housing riddim-chomper that purrs with all the gusto and precision of a fine-tuned combustion engine. "Lifesigns" is more your classic dungeon affair but with great attention paid to the haunted vocal loop that adds a twisted, insane flavour to the trip. "Cleanse The Universe" takes more influence from classic electro with an android breakbeat and chilling synths while "Obscured" ends us on an almost jazzy skank, and wheezes and pleases with some paranoid minor key swoops.

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