DUSTY KID - Beyond That Hill (Front Cover)
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Dusty Kid returns with his second album for Boxer Recordings. As a producer he has always been known for his expansive, progressive sound, and Beyond That Hill sees him continue to develop his unique aesthetic and deliver his most incisive statement yet. As an album, it's long; but it's this extra time to develop his tracks that gives them their character, particularly in the swirling psychedelia of "Jknoussa" and the hypnotic ebb and flow of "Nora Nights". These find themselves contrasted with shorter tracks like the dark, industrial acid pulse of "Polybolo" and the Mediterranean pop of "Chentu Mizas" But it's the stunning 20 minute kosmische influenced closer "That Hug" that proves the real highlight, deftly combining texture and melody in what is also a great club track.

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