Electric Blue Vision - Other Skies
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Electric Blue Vision - Other Skies


Other Skies

Higher Love Recordings

Cat: HLR 028
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
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Some brilliant business for self-styled "Balearic silverbacks" here, as producer Jesse Fahnestock joins forces with singer-songwriter Emilia Harmony as Electric Blue Vision. Drifting along at a head-nodding 92BPM, 'Other Skies' is an immersive and dreamy slab of sunrise pop rin in effects-laden vocals, glistening guitars, hazy chords and warming bass. It comes with a trio of terrific remixes: a properly dubby and effects-heavy Hardway Brothers take that recalls the work of Andrew Weatherall circa 1990, a gently throbbing, mind-mangling take courtesy of NuNorthern Soul sorts Tambores En Benirras, and a Balearic Ultras revision that re-imagines the track as a nine-minute chunk of slow-motion dub house haziness.

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Electric Blue VisionHigher Love Recordings

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