EDDY meets YANNAH - Fiction Jar (Front Cover)
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Croatian duo Eddy Meets Yannah bring the Adriatic sound to future soul jazz on Fiction Jar. Brought to us by Germany?s Compost Records, a label so established that they now reach their 340th release, this album does not disappoint.

A long standing outfit, Eddy Meets Yannah is made up of Eddy Ramich and Yannah Valdevit. Eddy handles the production side of things whilst Yannah is the songwriter and then vocalist. Almost three years after their last release, Once In a While, the duo are set to return with Fiction Jar. Offering more of the kind of funky and soulful jazz tinged house music that got them noticed in the first place, Eddy Meets Yannah are not losing their touch when it comes to making catchy full length albums. Featuring beat-friendly jazz productions and light hearted vocal melodies throughout, the album remains largely accessible, appealing to a broad range of musical tastes. Featuring artists such as Zed Bias, Capitol A and Ras T Weed keeps the album sounding fresh by adding other influences whilst keeping the staple Eddy Meets Yannah sound. With Fiction Jar, the duo offer a cheerful fusion of sophisticated soul, urban beats, future jazz and plush R'n'B harmonies. A fine selection of tracks that give an overview of Eddy Meets Yannah as a whole, Fiction Jar is a melting pot of sounds and musical styles all rolled into one effervescent album

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