VARIOUS - Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music (Front Cover)
SALP 006
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Well, this is set to be a rather special affair. For starters, we're big fans of Italy's Stroboscopic Artefacts label; the sound and vision has been both consistent and refreshing since their early records were dropping about three years back. On top of that, they have always associated himself with the absolute maestros of modern electronic music, whether danceable or not danceable. As such, the imprint has grouped the very best Italian producers on the market right now, with Andrea Belfi, Marco Shuttle, Alessandro Adriani, Chevel Lucy, and Neel all making an appearance, as well as Rome's legendary techno master Lory D. However, none of them are in a particularly feisty mood. Instead, this is a wonderful compilation made up of one consistent vibe...a deep and wondrous wave of sonics that never truly evolves into techno, but that at the same time never fully dissolves into total abstraction. Recommended.

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