FORWARD STRATEGY GROUP - Labour Division EP1 (Front Cover)
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Patrick Walker and Al Mathews may have made their name as FSG with the intense drum loops of Applied Generics, but they're clearly keen to expand their range. The title track is built on metal drums that drop like lead weights on the arrangement and are supported by enormous claps. The pace is slower but the intensity is not lost, and the same can be said about "Mandate". There, grungy industrial riffs slither in and out of dead paced broken beats before FSG welcome spooky ambient textures on "A Greyed Out Life". Perc Trax have managed to attract Factory Floor as remixers and their take on "Nihil Novi" fuses mellow synth lines with rigid beats and drums while Nik Void's solo take is all dark pulsing low ends and hissing hats.

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