FUDGE FINGAS - Amaranthine Labyrinth EP (Front Cover)
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MAZE 004
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Having made his name on a steady diet of soulful, handmade house music with a focus on expressive keys, Gavin Sutherland now heads to the Delsin-affiliated Purple Maze and it's safe to say he's broadened his remit. EP opener "Eyes On The Prize" is instantly quicker than previous FF releases, and channels a mess of disco licks into a wonderful mulch with a psychedelic bent. Strangely the beat feels largely indebted to Detroit as it furiously snaps away, which strangely echoes in the troubled filtrations of "NTNLNC". It's as if the Motor City love for nagging disco loops against breakneck techno got slowed down and smacked out. "Kinski" likewise plies an unusual trade in skipping drum machine groove and starry-eyed synth touches.

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