FUTURE PAST - Game Theory EP (Front Cover)
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Kirk Degiorgio dusts down his Future Past moniker for a no-nonsense techno release. The title track typifies the EP, with a bubbly bassline and doubled up claps supporting whooshing, churning filters. It's the same approach on "Sparta", where a walking bass and warbling acid lines suggest a clean, pure sound, but then an intense filter pushes it into the realms of peak-time techno. "Skrunch" dispenses with the lighter, more playful elements in favour of a tunnelling groove that flows to the sound of arcing acid and a dark riff undertow, while "An Act of Modulation" completes the transfer from bubbly techno to a leaner-edged sound with squelchy tones tweaked against the backdrop of an insistent spiky rhythm track.

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