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Ghetto Kumbe are a three man band. Their music is a unique blend of house beats with traditional west African rhythms such as the lambam, soli, sofa, kassa and makru among others. These are merged with Afro-Colombian rhythms such as cumbia, bullerengue, son palenquero and the chalupa del rio. Their forthcoming EP "Soy Selva" (translated as "I'm Jungle") is about the ancient people of Colombia, their traditions, their relations with mother nature, universal respect and ritual dancing. The high-octane spiritual life music of "Ware Warrior" for instance reaches neat tribal moments while Dagbani Dance (feat Zongo Abongo) goes for a more traditional and ritualistic vibe with its hypnotic rhythm arrangements and vocal chants. Sublime music for proper trance induction sessions. However, there's much more about this EP than the ultimate innovative act from the emerging Colombian melting pot.

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