RANTANEN, Tuomas - Grinding Ground EP (Front Cover)
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It's hard to believe that Finnish producer Tuomas Rantanen studied classical guitar or has an academic background in philosophy. Indeed, this four-track EP trades the cerebral for the visceral and the subtle with the immediate. Focusing on hard, peak-time techno, Rantanen delivers "Grinding Ground", fashioning his beats from granite breezeblocks and dropping merciless industrial riffs. "Millennium" deploys broken beats, but is just as relentless, especially when Rantanen decides to double up the beats midway though, while "Urban Area" uses waves of jarring riffs to make its point. There is some light at the end of the tunnel however, with the rolling "Monoid" based on a deep looped stab, but in the main, Grinding Ground is an intense ride.

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