HANNU KARJALAINEN - A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert (Front Cover)
KALK 101
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Strobocop's Cologne-based Karaoke Kalk continues its seemingly never-ending run of form with this beautiful - and no doubt soon to be underrated - LP from Finnish sound engineer, Hannu Karjalainen. Much drone or ambient is released in this day and age, but how much of it is alluring? Does it ever leave you with something lasting? Well, Hannu's music certainly does because there is never a doubt in our minds that the artist is trying to do something different. For real, though. A Handful Of Dust In A Desert is not an easy album to describe or categorise, and that is exactly the reason for why it feels so relevant. Its abundance of drones are elegantly placed throughout, often leaving the listener with thick walls of sound that meander across the room like fluid beams of light. It's a heady experience, and that's exactly what we love about it. 10/10.

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