HEAD BOGGLE - Headboggle (Front Cover)
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With a cast including Moogs, Harmonica, Banjo, Harpsichord, Irish Harp, EMS Synthi, Violin, Drums, Clavinet, Serge Modular and field recordings, Derek Gedalecia's Head Boggle project is nothing if not exhaustive in its attempts to create bizarre musical compositions. From the crazed looping pop of "Digital Disco" and climbing piano scales of "Moon Village Valances" to the rough oscillations of "Moon Age" and smooth drips of "Wassermusic", the results are frankly astounding - sounding like the far reaching weirdness of James Ferraro's Skaters project coupled with the electroacoustic experimentations of Edgard Varese. Even by Spectrum Spools' standards this is esoteric stuff, but vital nonetheless.

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