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Elevate / Find My Way

Heidy P - Elevate / Find My Way
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Heidy P - Elevate / Find My Way


Elevate / Find My Way

Rocksteady Disco

Cat: RSD 026D
Genre: Funky/Club House
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Rocksteady Disco's latest release offers a debut solo EP and long-time friend of the family Heidy P. The producer loves classic-sounding house, and that's what's on offer here. Check first 'Elevate', a simple but devastatingly effective, piano-powered house workout rich in weighty and crunchy drum machine percussion, slowly unfurling melodic motifs, sampled disco vocals and, from midway through, bursts of infectious Latin percussion and salsa motifs. Seta provides effortlessly soulful lead vocals on the synth bass-propelled gospel-house wonder that is 'Help Me Find a Way'. Both tracks are given the remix treatment, with Pontchartrain's spine-tingling, hands-aloft deep house rework of 'Help Me Find a Way' being followed by Carry Nation's heady, energetic and infectious take on 'Elevate'.

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Heidy PRocksteady Disco

played by

Chrissy, Heidy P.
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