KRAFT, Suzanne - Horoscope (Front Cover)
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Since donning the Suzanne Kraft moniker last year, LA-based producer Diego Herrera has proved more than adept at turning out the sort of atmospheric, analogue-heavy electronic music that's darn tricky to pigeonhole. Having previously dabbled in revivalist proto-house and starlight disco-influenced deepness, Horoscope sees him impressively shifting between melancholic analogue deepness (the title track), sprawling proto-house funk ("No Worries"), spiraling analogue electronica ("Ritmo"), Dream 2 Science-ish deep house ("Feel") and touchy-feely nu-Balearica ("Crest"). As if to ram the point home, Secret Circuit and Max D also deliver tasty remixes that defy easy categorization, with the former's subdued analogue disco take particularly impressing.

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