ILYA SANTANA - Freak Fiction EP Vol 1 (Front Cover)
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AR 004
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When it comes to crafting high quality, synthesizer-heavy nu-disco, few producers are quite as accomplished as Ilya Santana. Typically, the Canary Islander is in fine form on the "Freak Fiction EP", whose throbbing title track wraps slowly shifting chords and jumpy synth riffs around a pulsating, Italo-disco style arpeggio and unfussy, mid-tempo machine drums. Nu-disco scene veteran the Beat Broker provides the obligatory remix, serving up a deeper and dreamier version that adds oodles of dub delay to Santana's tasty synth lines while introducing a tasty new electrofunk bassline. To round off a fine EP, Santana doffs his hat to Giallo-disco and John Carpenter's killer horror soundtracks on the spiraling late night trip that is "Howling".

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