IN AETERNAM VALE - Dust Under Brightness (Front Cover)
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The Minimal Wave label present this two track accompaniment to Dub Under Brightness, the soon to be digitally released trawl through the cassette-only archives of their favourite French act of the 1980s, In Aeternam Vale. The full unedited 12-minute version of the title track is presented here and is complemented by "Highway Dark Veins", a brilliant example of proto industrial techno. If you are not familiar with the A Side, it presents the Lyon group led by Laurent Prot at their lolloping finest, a hypnotic sideways Minimal Wave throbber replete with cavernous and near indecipherable vocals and industrially charged synth waves. It's the second track that makes this release all the more special, sounding every bit like the paranoid Martian techno opus that inspired the Mills series Something In The Sky and was a definite highlight of Ron Morelli's descent into Industrial Nihilism on a recent Beats In Space show.

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