JAM CITY - Club Constructions Vol 6 (Front Cover)
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After a splendid debut album for the label last year, Jam City returns to Night Slugs with five torrential floor tracks on the imprint's Club Constructions series. Previous instalments from the likes of Helix and Hysterics have represented the more driving side of the Night Slugs sound, and Jam City wastes no time in bringing his own take on the aesthetic to bear: "Worst Illusion" pummels half-steps and chord-stabs like there's no tomorrow; "Melty Valve" goes for a more jittering, broken schema; "500 Years" is a pseudo-deep house re-imagination in true Jam City style, whilst "The Raven" is a metallic head-banging of percussion that will no doubt set the floor on fire! Last but not least, "Garlands" takes a percussion-heavy arrangement and strips the surrounding melodies down to their very essence. Another big hit for both label and artist which comes highly recommended!

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